Without End

Without End


Classic brutal thrash metal at its best by veteran Thrash Metal Master Adam Tranquilli (Headlock, Pavement music & Blood Feast, New Rennissance records) A 3 piece band with an ass kickin affect


Without End

Adam Tranquilli -- Vocals, Guitar
Tom Lorenzo -- Bass, Backing vocals
Adam Kieffer -- Drums, backing vocals

Thrashing is in Adam Tranquilli’s blood, and Without End is a more mature continuation of where he left off from his former bands Blood Feast and Headlock. Metal flows through the veins of Adam and Mike as well, straight up thrashing and aggression is their cup of tea.

Tranquilli and Kiefer have been playing together for over a decade, sharing the metal stage with such artists as Immolation, Goatwhore, Grave, and Death Angel. “Years back we were playing as Last Remains with bassist Bob McGlynn, and after our singer left, we became a three piece and changed our name to Headlock” says Adam. Headlock caught the attention of Pavement records that flew out to see them play with the band Overkill and was signed a week later. They recorded the album “It Found Me” and toured Europe with MOD.

Departure came when Tranquilli had to take care of family business obligations, but continued playing with Keifer from time to time while playing with MOD. “The Metal in my veins started to boil again, so I listened to the calling and started to write heavier that ever” says Tranquilli. Soon after they got together as Without End and created a self-titled 3-song E.P. and started playing to the metal masses once again.

The band went back in the studio and created their debut full length album “Disease is Man,” in 2004 which was recorded at Big Blue Meenie in Jersey City with Tim Gilles (Agnostic Front, SOD, All Out War), and mastered at Euphonic Masters Studio in Tennessee with Brad Blackwood (Evanesence, All Out War). The album has 13 tracks with the concept coming from the disease triangle, (Host, Pathogen, Environment) “Anyway you look at it, it takes these three things in any combination for disease to happen.” says Tranquilli.

A classic brutal thrash metal album, Tranquilli describes each song in detail:

Without End is about not worrying about what happens next, or where we go when we die, we will all end up where we are supposed to be.
Disease Is Man (Title track)) Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with its surrounding environment but us humans do not, we move to an area and multiply until every natural resource is consumed, and the way we survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern, it’s a virus, human beings are a disease. Spreading, spreading just as fast as we can, you can’t stop it this Disease Is called MAN!
Lords of Defiance comes from my dark inside when people tell you that you have to do this or do that when really we are all, responsible for ourselves and can do whatever and whenever we want as long as we the individual can live with with the decision you have made.
From Afar was brought about by dumb ass people like the branch davidians and sort thinking we are going to ascend into another dimension or something.
Evil Ways is about loving to raise hell, Beer drinking and hell raising and sluting around and so on and not feeling bad about it.
At The gate lets just say inspired by Venom AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
Alive is about being beat down one-way or another and standing back up stronger than ever.
To The Depths, People who piss me off are blatant followers, with no brains for themselves.
Ultra Lie, if one believes in god he definitely doesn’t need the church to speak to him. (Ultra Lie bastards, holly man, rapist, pedophile, LIAR, and he want you to confess your sins to him!)
As far as I am concerned I am condemned to hell because that is the way I like to burn!.
You’ll Stink In The End; we are all Just dead in the end!
The band will be playing various festivals through out the US and Europe this year, however their goals are first and foremost to have fun playing and play as much as possible. The band most recently played the New Jersey Metal fest with Testament and Obituary. For more information, check out the web site www.pseudoplasma.com


Disease Is Man

Written By: Adam Tranquilli

Infection the time arrives, the temperature plays in all the ways.
The host may now be running out of time
In order to start the disease, three basic facts, a time space disease
Containment is not an option,
Now the beast
Has arrived

For your life
For your life x6

Reduction of energy reserves
In the tissue about the wound
A pustule of man seeping through the earth
Man gaining energy & means
To stay alive all thought supreme
The great environmental pathogen

And its
Spreading spreading just as fast as it can
Spreading spreading just as fast as it can
Spreading spreading just as fast as we can
You cant stop it this disease is called man

Destruction as they spread
Ravage flesh live and dead
Nothing is safe from a disease called man
Multiply unchecked
Sows the seeds to earths death
The final environmental pathogen

Lords of Defiance

Written By: Adam Tranquilli

We come from damnations fiery legions
Bleeding out souls from the dead
Armed with self pride and not pity
You cannot get into our head

You try to extract and you try to explain
Your justifications are just a lie
We’ll rip off your head and shit down your throat
And sit down and laugh

We are the lords
Lords of defiance

I’ve come to battle with this deadly disease
A full-scale war is on high
Cryptic imprint on my body
Unlocks the key to eternal life

I’ve come to fight you with my fire
I’ve come to strike you down
I’ll prey upon your every weakness
I’ll kick you when you are down

I am a lord
Lord of defiance

Coming out drenched with the souls of the dead
Heaven and hell is all just a lie
They gave you false truth and left with no hope
Condemned to hell, time for you to die

You try to extract and you try to explain
Your justifications are just a lie
We’ll rip off your head and shit down your throat
And sit down and laugh

To The Depths

Written By: Adam Tranquilli

Condemned to see, you follow free; you follow them, all shallow being.
Lost in space to a different race, you’ll be over run by some darkened forces

Cradled in time there’s a different line, your gone forever lost in time
Leave are fallen from the trees, you fly on way in which the wind blows

To the depths.

Your over run by darkened forces,
You’re in a different race
Come test the seed to change time
It’s a big disgrace

You fly on way in which the wind blows
You are a big disgrace
You aim to abet your soul now
You’re a big disgrace as you die

You die
You die
You die
You die

Your over run by darkened forces,
You’re in a different race
Come test the seed to change time
It’s a big disgrace
You aim to abet your soul now
To the depths. You go
Forever more we are now
You’ll have the time of your life as you die

Time it is fast and it’s passing you by
You feed into to this lie you have no hope your blind
Your falling to disgrace, you run a disastrous race
Don’t Believe onto yourself there’s no hope your blind

Time after time through eternity
All time is lost now your blind
Face the face the lie you have no hope your blind
You’ll have the time of your life as you die


Without End's 13 song Debut CD entitled Disease Is Man (official release date is may 25th
Played weekly @ WSOU Seton Halls pirate radio
and can be heard at our web site at www.pseudoplasma.com

Set List

Our typical set list is 7 or 8 songs with an intro and a outro the songs go as followed, we are capable and ready to play about an hour.
Doctrine of hate
To the Depths
Evil Ways
At The Gate
Lords of defiance
Distorted Constitution
You"ll Stink In The End

No covers and mostly no talking, quick intros to songs, we pound em out and hammer them in!