Without Misty

Without Misty


There's something enigmatic just under the surface here. These distracted indie-twitchers have a keen sense of 'pop-ography' and just the right blend of swagger and sentimentality, WM delivers brainy, concise writing with memorable twists. Already playing with (and slaying) the big girls in town!


....ex-NYC noise popper formerly of JENIFER CONVERTIBLE (Puddle Records), raids local midwestern art schools for talented twitchers to drive him around -- forces unfocused musical tastes into small packages; pandomonium ensues...

**Lenny played NXNE in Toronto a few years ago (the best ears in Canada, Barb Sedun was there with Hugo Burnham) with his group Jenifer Convertible, and would love to be invited back!**

Formed in mid-2004 WM has already done many local gigs and played in NYC (Siberia)...they were also invited into Kennel Studios in Brooklyn (DUMBO) to record debut EP on Dive Records (Sharp Things)

Lenny Zenith is a frequent performer at NYC's Loser's Lounge, and has worked with Iggy Pop, Clem Burke, and has been recorded by Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Glen Branca), and James Murphy (LCD Sound System).


Elevator Motor Room (EP) -
Dive Records
(Sharp Things/Behoovers)

Set List

Suddenly Someone, I Wish I Was Gay, Hands, Superstar, Serf Bomb, Sunday Dress, Begging for Mercy, Looking for Trouble, Wonder Why You're Under, Tokyo Paper Hammer,