Without Notice

Without Notice


Without Notice is a Pop-Punk band that has catchy songs and targets the younger crowd. We enjoy playing shows and getting to know our fans. We have played a lot of shows all the way thew Northern California. We've recoded 3 CD's and Planing a Winter Tour and Summer Tour


Without Notice was started in October 2001. We released our first self-titled demo in the summer of 2005, and a full-length CD "More Than Anything Else" in December of 2006. In Febuary of 2008 we released a brand new 5 song EP "Ghetto From the Get Go". We love to play as many shows as we can. Or main influence is Blink 182. Some things that sets us apart from other bands is how sexxy we are. We are a FINE looking group of guys that like to get down and dirty ;) haha

We just like to have fun in any town in any way. We have played so many shows some venues include Slims in SF, The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma (some great bands such as AFI, Green Day, MxPx, and Set Your Goals have played there) and the Luther Burbank Center.

We've also been on local television on Access Healdsburg, Comcast Channel 26 in Northern Sonoma County. We've also been on Played 101.7 THE FOX on there Underground session.

We are going on a Winter Mini Tour and will be going on tour this summer threw The Extreme Tour 2009

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We have 3 CD's Out:
Without Notice - Demo (2005)
More Than Anything Else... - Full-Length (2006)
Ghetto From the Get Go - EP (2008)

Some singles are:
Overrated - Without Notice & More Than Anything Else...

Here's To The Unknown - More Than Anything Else...

Our new Single!
My Fuzzy Little Man Peach - Ghetto From the Get Go

Here's To The Unknown & My Fuzzy Little Man Peach have been played on 101.7 THE FOX

Set List

Our typical set list is:

San Jose Sucks
Bear Arms: The Grizzly Second Amendment
Binyah Binyah
My Fuzzy Little Man Peach

That set runs about 25-30 min,
but once in a while we throw an old song in like Overrated, or Heres To The Unknown.