Without Return

Without Return


Have you ever heard of a band that loves Killswitch Engage but has a singer who is obsessed with Bruce Springsteen? If you havn't before then you have now.


Without Return was origanoly started in early 2005. They have released 4 self produced EPs. They blend the Metal styles of Black Sabbath and Mushroomhead with the Alternitive Rock style of bands such as the Smashing Pumkins.


Your Friend Always

Written By: Jack Beltz

I come to you as a friend
You'll always be my friend till the very end
Will stick together through thick and thin
You'll always be you'll always be my friend
You can take those words
Those words of beutey
Twist them around
Till they meen no more
You promised me your friend Always now its time for me to Settle the score
I saw you around the other day
could not even look at me you could only look aways does it haunt you mind those words you wrote that day your friend your promise broke your words are but a joke meen nothing to me cant you see cant you see why cant you your friend always but always just a lie I think its finaly time for me to say goodbye a friend that follows me with all these words unsaid never a friend inside my heart but a ghost inside my head


Written By: Jack Beltz

In the summer time when he was thirteen no darkness in his world but no light to be seen then one day he asked have you ever seen a war grandfather said no son I've never been to one before Shotgun
Then one day it happend curiosity did strike I asked my grandfather again what the war was like then in a fir like I've never seen before my grandfather lay there half dead on the floor then my father sat me down to explain why my grandfather was in so much pain he told me grandfather was a vet in the war something that none of us had ever known before Shotgun
this old man stares into space fear is running down his face fear that covers me can not stand to look cannot stand to see go to the shed thats were the guns they hide put it against his head watch that old man die Shotgun


Ghost Of My Hometown (2005)
Just Another Taker (2006)
Someone Else's Eyes (2007)
Fortunes Of The Night (2008)

Set List

30 Minute set with no covers.
1. Outsider At Home
2. You Friend Always
3. Easy Way Out
4. Rotary
5. Shotgun