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Without Wanting

Kaplan, Louisiana, United States | INDIE

Kaplan, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Rock


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"Without Wanting set for SHOUTFEST experience"

Many bands perform for months, even years, before recording a CD. But for Jeremy Greene, and his band , Without Wanting, the group had a record before its first official gig.
But the band still worked for years to get to that first recording session. "I'm not quite a perfectionist, but I wasn't going to get out there before I knew we knew what we were doing, " said Greene. "We didn't play any gisd for the first two years.
" When we decided it was time, we decided to do a special at our church to let people k ow we had a band. We did a couple of songs and when we finished, my mom walked up to me and said 'Find out how much you need to record because we're gong to pay for it'."
The Kaplan- based band may get an even bigger payoff this weekend as one of the local groups performing at SHOUTfest 2006, an outdoor concert of contemporary Christian music,
National acts include Building 429, Skillet, Grits, By The Tree, Day of Fire, Krystal Myers, DecembeRadio, Fighting Instinct and others.
Local bands will be judged by music industry reps, who will pick a city winner. Each city winner from SHOUTfest across the country will perform in Nashville in a national competition.
Greene is excited about the Nashville opportunity.
"That is definitely the part that excites me - the opportunity for the exposure, " said Greene. "If we make it past this, we might not win if we go to Nashville.
"But you get to play in front of five different record labels in Nashville. The record label that's doing the contest might not be looking for your style of music. But somebody else might. God works in mysterious ways."
Greene describes Without Wanting's style as Southern rock with lots of originals, with titles like My Only One, There Must Be More and Let It Rain. Band members include Chris Guidry (bass), Chris Bird (lead guitar), Blaine Trahan (lead guitar and backup vocals), John Simon (drums), and Eric Johnson (keyboards).
Greene, who does rhythm guitar and lead vocals, particularly enjoys the songwriting process.
"I don't writ a song about a certain topic. I a write a hook, whatever the Lord gives me and I know it's catchy. Then I write the song around it.
"But I've never sat down to write a song aout this.
"When I write, I just start writing. I'm actually amazed that it makes sense."
When he's not playing music, Greene works as an electrician in his family's electrical business. He hopes to, one day, present his music to larger audiences.
" I wanted to focus on a message of salvation and trying to play music that the rest of the world would be interested in," said Greene. "The Christian is already saved.
"It's great that we can play at churches. But I would much rather do festivals and if they'd let me, I'd much rather be at the bars and the clubs. That's who needs to hear this message. That's our call as Christians. That's what God put us here for." - the Daily Advertiser

"By The Tree permforming tonight"

Without Wanting formed in 2002 will get things started with a Southern Rock meets Christian contemporary vibe. Jeremy Greene, rythm guitarist and lead singer, describes the band as a cross between Jeremy Camp and Third Day.
This isn't Twila Paris and this isn't P.O.D. granted. Without Wanting has a harder edge, but the sound stops far short of a metal tag. Contemporary music fans could easily find sonic similarities to Cross Canadian Ragweed, a populan Southern Rock band big on the college circuit.
"We're somewhat alternative, somewhat Southern Rock with a GOD-centered message that proclaims Christ," Greene said. " I wanted to create something that appeals to everyone, even people who aren't into Christian music." - the Daily Advertiser

"Without Wanting"

If you haven't heard them singing on your favorite radio station, then call your station manager and see to it that you will. I'm talking about Without Wanting, a Christian Rock group from Vermilion Parish that has an awsome sound.
The group is composed of six members, all from this area. They are: Chris Guidry on bass, John Simon on the drums, Chris Bird on lead guitar, Eric Johnson on keyboard, Blaine Trahan on guitar, and Jeremy Greene as lead vocals, songwriter, and guitar. Guidry, Johnson, and Greene are from Kaplan, while Simon, Bird, and Trahan are from Abbeville.
Greene, son of Marcus and Tina Greene, started the band in 2002, after he felt that God was leading him to use his talents in songwriting and music. His only music education was the one learned from his dad. At the age of fifteen, he played bass and sang in HIS CALL, a band that his dad was in.
The purpose of the band is to reach out to people with the message of Christ. Before the band began, Greene has always wanted to make music that was Christian, and he wanted it good enoughto reach people who wouldn't normally listen to Christian music. Listen to their sounds and you'll see that they have achieved that goal. They sound like a mix between Creed, The Calling, Three Doors Down, and The Dave Mathews Band, but with lyrics that speak truth. According to Greene, his heart is in his music. He explained, "We don't want to be famous, this is a ministry to reach people." He did say that he would take a record deal if it meant reaching more people.
The band practiced for two years before ever playing a gig. They wanted to make sure they were ready and that everything sounded right. Since then, they have played for church youth groups, special events, and festivals between Lake Charles and Baton Rouge. They practice and play gigs in their spare time, being all of them have regular jobs. They are also scheduled to play at this years Cattle Festival.
Last November, the band released its first CD, "There Must Be More." It is on sale at Abbeville Redord Shop, Family Christian Bookstore in Lafayette, and the Christian Bookstore in Lake Charles. Greene, who is married to Danielle, and father of their two year old, Lincoln, says that there is a money back guarantee on the CD. He told me that if you don't like it, he'll personally give your money back, and you can keep the CD. He shares, "God has blessed us. The guys that I play with have great hearts." - Bonnes Nouvelles


"There Must Be More" (2004)
we are currently working on a new project with the first single already released (Rooftops), it is already getting airplay on our local christian station, KSJY 89.9


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Why limit yourself to any one type of rock?” says lead singer Jeremy Greene. So how do we describe Without Wanting’s sound? Vocally it is reminiscent of Jeremy Camp, or Mac Powell. Soulful, yet powerful. Musically, they are southern rockers at heart. But, they don’t limit themselves to that genre. Wether it’s the straightforward rock of “My Only One,” or the funky sounds of “Thunder & Lightning” they always try to mix it up. Southern Rock, Alternative, Contemporary, a little bit of everything. Now, lyrically, there is one message. Christ. Whether it’s talking a bout the everyday struggles a Christian has, or the actual story of Christ They stay focused on being a ministry first band, that uses the songs The Lord gave them to witness and minister to others.
Jeremy started the band in 2002. He felt like this was where the Lord was leading him. Having played in another band since he was 15, it was time to go his own way. Now, he didn’t know a whole lot of Christian musicians, so it took a while to compile the band. After quite a bit of prayer, he hit up guitar player, Chris Bird, who quickly came on board. Then he called up Chris Guidry , who he’d played with in the first band he was in, to play bass. Next he got Eric Johnson, a friend, to play keys. It took a while to settle on a drummer and second guitar player, about two years to be exact. But finally, after three different drummers and two guitar players, John Simon settled in as the drummer and Blaine Trahan solidified his spot as the 2nd guitar player. Without Wanting was finally a complete band.
You know how they say that practice makes’ perfect. Well, Jeremy was a firm believer in that. That’s why for the first two years the band never played a gig. All they did was practice. Jeremy wanted the band to play all original music, so it took a while to get all the material complete and sounding like he wanted. In 2004 they decided it was time to start getting out and playing. The first thing the band did was a special at their church, and afterward they received something they were not expecting. Jeremy’s parents came up to him and said just tell us how much you need to record a CD. They immediately began preparing to go into the studio, and by November of 2004, they had released their first album, “There Must Be More.” The following year was spent just trying to play as much as possible. Fairs, festivals, youth services, concerts, you name it, they played it. In September of 05' the band got a big break and was being played, locally, on the radio. You can hear them just about every day on 89.9 KSJY, in Lafayette, LA. In February of 06' they were asked to open for, two time Dove award winners, BY THE TREE. They of course said yes, getting an overwhelming response at the concert. Without Wanting is now focusing on recording a 2nd album, to hopefully be completed by the fall of this year.
“If there is any one thing we want someone to get from hearing us play,” says Jeremy, “it is not how talented we are, because we don’t think we are all that, but that we love the Lord and we want to share the grace and mercy he gave us, with everyone else.”