Columbia, South Carolina, USA

We are a post-hardcore Christian rock band making a positive impact by promoting a positive message. Our sound is loud, and our message is clear: Nothing is impossible to overcome. We promise to not only rock you, we promise to inspire you!


We are a post-hardcore Christian rock band from South Carolina. Because of our genre, we often get asked a lot of questions regarding how we ended up where we are musically. The answer is simple, and it is based on how each of us has grown up as individuals and as band mates.
As individuals, we are no different than anyone else - we have had our own struggles, our own downfalls, our own ways of rising back to the surface. And, just like anyone else, we have a story to tell. As a band, we have a unique opportunity to bring a unified positive message through words and music...our message.
Ultimately, we want to impact a young generation of fans and crowds to not only hear us, but we want to move them as well.


Acoustic Album - "All In"
With Reckless Abandon - self titled

Set List

With Reckless Abandon 30 minute set list (songs written by With Reckless Abandon)
(1) With Reckless Abandon
(2) I'll Make You Love Me
(3) Straight Up Front
(4) Hooked on a Bad Thing
(5) Starting Over
(6) Is It Worth It?