With The Punches

With The Punches


We are 5 dudes playing music we love. Fun, catchy pop punk with that hint of hardcore. Influenced by New Found Glory, H2O, Lifetime, The Movielife, and many more.


We're bringing back honest, fun, and catchy pop punk. Five guys that came together by fate from Upstate NY, Long Island, and New Jersey. Once we found each other and started playing we knew we had lit the spark to something that was going to be amazing. Writing music that's true to our hearts, that we will play until the day we die.


Burned At Both Ends

Written By: Jesse Vadala

Either keep me entertained or keep out of my way
I'm sitting here imagining you in a million different situations
and i have the worst intentions

I'm sorry to be so brash
but I'm a little too honest and you hate that
so I'll bite my tongue, watch my mouth
you never had a clue what this was all about

It's so clear on the long drive home
i can't stand another night alone
this just might be a let down but
these chances never last so
I'm screaming out through the car window
to the sounds of the stereo
this just might be my breakdown but
im not ready to let this go

Put down the pebbles in my hand,
climbed a ladder
put a brick right through your window
"You're gonna hear me out" yeah
hear me out on this...

Now that I've got your full attention
I'll never let it escape my grip
These glossy, bloodshot eyes of mine
say this is about as desperate as i get...

Lights out. the party's over make your move or you'll regret you came here at all
Now i was sure that i had sent off my last long shot love letter two years ago
but I'm a sucker and it shows
so LIGHTS OUT. this party's over make your move
or you'll regret this (REGRET THIS)

Keep It Going

Written By: Jesse Vadala

Tell me what is your favorite new
Think you're shipwrecked
in suburbia
But is there concrete
in your shoes?

When I heard Jay
say "ya can't knock tha
its just the victory
within the struggle
So quit
standing with your hand out

You're clearly
uncomfortable in this mold they
call routine
Don't forget all
dreams are portable
and on
instincts you should lean

So if
this city really makes you feel
the way you swear it does
just a little more faith in the
legs your standing on
Can't take for granted
The privilege you've
been handed
You're hearts still
beating, hearts still
Just keep it going. Never

You should up and
Leave this all behind
nothing here you haven't seen
least three hundred times



Our first EP is 7 songs long and i titled "Keep It Going".
We have music on our myspace (www.myspace.com/withthepunches). Soon we should have our EP available to purchase on ITunes, Smartpunk, and other online distributors. We have recently been getting airplay of our song "Burned at Both Ends" on WRRV out of Poughkeepsie, NY

Set List

Our set list consists of all seven songs that are on our EP and usually lasts around half an hour. We close with "Keep It Going" usually but the rest of the set can vary. We're always writing new music though.