With These Hands

With These Hands


An eclectic mix of hardcore and metal thrown together with fast tempos, off time structures and thought provoking lyrics.


Formed in the winter of 2002, With These Hands have been around the block a few times. With a revolving door of singers and guitarists, WTH are finally happy w/ the current lineup and dont see it changing anytime soon. With influences ranging from Between the Buried and Me and The Red Chord to bands such as A Perfect Circle and Glassjaw, WTH strives to mix as melody and aggression as possible into a 2 and a half minute song. What sets WTH apart from most bands is dedication and the love to play live. Playing nearly 50 shows last year alone and sharing the stage w/ bigger label bands such as Dying Fetus, Ivocation of Nehek, KillWhitneyDead, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Becoming the Arcetype, Bloodjinn and many more has really prepared the band to raise their career's to the next level.


Letters To Virginia

Written By: With These Hands

She enters only to exit and to reassure herself that I still know she exists. Exit. Miles don’t drive themselves honey, and loneliness comes from being by myself. So sorry to tempt you, so sorry to have met you. So sorry to tempt you, wish I would have never met you. D-A-Y, because it's a prefix to represent one day, one night of nudity. N-A, not available leave a message. Rescue me. She’s making me look like a neurotic “Mr. self-destruct.” Anchors away, half-mast be the case. Don’t care where just gotta leave this place. The perpetual sickness of beauty. She lives in the mirror but she's no Audrey Hepburn. She leaves me with no choice, the poison pressures me. I live for this, something foolish (foolish). I hope your tears feed the California coast. The freaks on Venice beach bleed themselves, they understand the most. Where has the time gone? To the traitor's cavern. The hourglass holds me a prisoner of sand and this looks like adios. So adios.


Hurston single - early 2003
With These Hands demo - April 2004 (tracks are on multiple mp3 sites)

Set List

Portable Baby Machine
A Concordance
Action Jackson
Sex, Lies and Hair Products
Letters To Virginia

A six song set that usually lasts around 30 minutes. We dont do any covers.