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Branson, Missouri, United States

Branson, Missouri, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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Witness7 has 3 rough version of our songs on www.reverbnation.com. They are currently in the studio working on an eleven track CD. It should be finished in 1 month.
Here are the songs on their myspace page and reverbnation.
Flesh and Bones
Harvest Time



Lance and Jasmine Wilkerson met in 2005. Jasmine moved to Branson, MO from Memphis, TN, She was searching to answers as to what would happen to her and if she was going to be able to kick some of her habits. When she met Lance he helped her get on her feet and he discovered her passion for singing and she discovered his passion for guitar and music. He helped her stop the things she was doing. She started singing and turning to Lance and to the music as an outlet and an escape from her addictions and pain. They soon got married and started writing songs about all the stuff they had gone through. Jasmine had a hard childhood and so did Lance. They wrote a few songs and realized that they were pretty good so Jasmine wanted to start a band. She had gone through so much and found that she could let some of the pain out through the music. She broke her leg in a car wreck and couldn't walk for a while so she wrote her first song "Understand". Lance was playing the guitar one day and she started singing the song with what he was playing and so thats pretty much how they write all of their songs. Lance was friends with Sean Rizzo and when they were little kids they even played music together. They needed a new drummer because the one they had wasn't working out so Lance asked Sean if he wanted to join the band. He thought about it and before Lance and Jasmine knew it Sean had gone out and bought a set of drums and they were practicing together. They then decided that they needed a fuller sound. Jasmine and Lance were having a fundraiser to bring Brian "Head" Welch to their town to speak. At the fundraiser a guy named Jonathan Edwards showed up to help. They then found out that Jonathan had a passion for guitar so they invited him out to play with them. They saw that Jonathan was extremely talented and he kept showing up to all the practices so he became part of the band. That summer they all went out to the Cornerstone Festival in the summer of 2010 and they played on 2 of the generator stages. They had some good feedback and sold some CD's and some of the hemp bracelets that Jasmine makes. They decided that this was something that they were supposed to do. Music was what they had as a way to get out of the world for a minute and just be themselves. Music was the only thing that could make them feel halfway normal. Jasmine, Lance, Jonathan, and Sean are all very unique individuals. They will tell you that they are crazy but other people see them as unique and passionate. Doctors tried to say that Jasmine was ADHD but she believes she just has a very high energy and that is what makes her good on stage and good with people. Lance is really laid back and quiet. Sean is indescribable and Jonathan is passionate and very smart. They all balance each other out but knew they needed something else to fill up their sound. They knew they needed a bass player. They were playing an acoustic set at a get together at someone's house and there they met Clint. He told us that he played bass so we invited him out to play around with us. He showed up and he had a big passion for what we were doing and he really liked our sound. He started showing up to all of their practices and soon he was part of Witness7. Clint is very smart and he really thinks things through. He is probably the most balanced one in the group but others would see him as the craziest because of his passion for magic but not the dark kind. He is also known to dress up in pirate or Renaissance style costumes. He really knows how to draw a crowd. Witness7 is a band that knows what they want and they fight for it. They practice at least once a week and are currently in the studio working on their second CD. This CD is something they are really focused on right now and they have some rough tracks on their myspace page and on reverbnation.com. Three songs that are on the CD are "Harvest Time", "Suicide", and "Flesh & Bones." I will tell you what the name Witness7 means but I hope I don't scare anyone off by telling you. Jasmine was into drugs pretty heavily and also into witchcraft. She was dying inside and so she started going to church. It was there that she found new hope for life and she has been clean since January of 2006. She can honestly tell you that she is not going back to that lifestyle as long as she has God and music. She wants to help other people that struggle with drug addiction whether it just be through some of her lyrics or whether it be through a one on one conversation. She wants to be a witness for God and how He helped her get out of that lifestyle. God uses the number 7 in the bible like over a 1,000 times. I don't know how many times but it is like His favorite number. Also, when she was into witchcraft the number 6 would show up alot in her life. The number 6 means unfinished or mistake and the number 7 means complete or perfect. Jasmine doesn't ever think she will ever be perfect but in