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WitnesseX broke down to the basics...

Four friends who grew up together in the wonderful city of Everett, Washington. If you’re not familiar… Recognize! It’s a kick ass city for sure, with a rad music scene. Home for all the members of WitnesseX!!!

It truly helped fuel the fire for all of them, in their own ways throughout the years. That same scene that they all grew up in has brought them together in forming a very familiar, intense, and unheard sound that they love to rock! They have truly dedicated themselves in finding and mastering the rifts that seem to just show up.

Everything they create and conduct is the product of all the band members using personal backgrounds to generate the WitnesseX sound.

The ingredients that make WitnesseX

Randy Metz; Bass – Hate to give the man a big head, but without a doubt a key player. With a power house unique blend of bass riffs and stunning vocal’s the man brings an angle to the music that helps describe and embrace the emotions they are all trying to create.

And now that brings us to Gary Elder; Gary’s role scripts from lead vocals to his own touch of guitar work throughout the music. Gary brings a lot to the table, with his deep emotional background, he has managed to grasp and syphine the grace and sadness of his life through his music.

Jake Pickard the lead guitarist; has constructed a style of guitar that truly backs his personality. Jake’s passion for music has flared into many avenues in the industry. His love for saturated guitar effects and studio productions has channeled him into a unique full range guitarist with heavy power and multiple intensities.

Josh Stanton, may think and tell you he is “just the drummer” but the man is known as “The Animal” for a reason. Give him a set of sticks and what he creates is incredible! His great ear for, and love for, music creates a powerful experience and sound.

WitnesseX. They write their music for and about themselves and the experiences in their lives. They hope you enjoy what they put out and want to say thanks for the all the love and support!