Witness The Fitness!!!
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Witness The Fitness!!!

Band Comedy Adult Contemporary


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What Both Real AND Make Believe People Are Saying About WTF!"

"That is some crazy shit."
- Blake Tedder, singer-songwriter / show promoter and organizer

"This is absolutely the dumbest music I've ever heard. I loved it."
- Our made-up, invisible band Roadie, Walter

"Sir. You are trespassing and I am going to have to ask you to leave quietly."
- Tom, Bouncer

"Quit messing around with this stupid band and go back to college!"
- WTF's Parents

"I laughed! I cried! I... lost... the CD."
- Our ex-friend, Jim

"Move to Boone so we can jam!"
- David Orsillo, the third evil twin, and drummer for WTF (when he's around)

"I love it."
- Mark Degrucci, of the Vaginal Vigilantees and The Bonnie Situation

"Honestly, I just don't get what they're trying to go for."
- William, Accountant

"Dude. Don't listen to Will. He's an idiot. You guys rule."
- The guy in the cubicle across from William, also an accountant - The Pulse of the Community


Songs Witness the Fitness has made available in streaming format, and free download at our internet spaces:



The Other Guys
WTF <3's GOD
Retired Constables for Gryffyndor!
Hangin' with Bear and Fish
We Googled Jordan
The First Date Skit
Journey Math
Rome Mania!



Please note that Witness the Fitness is in no way fit, physically.

Jacob Therington Herrin Nixon Esquire Therington Esquire IV, esquire (his friends call him "Jake"), and Shane Chaffin, D.M. ("Doctor of Metaphyscis") are evil twins. Meaning of course, that they were tragically separated at birth, but are still both evil, inexplicably.

The two were introduced because a high school friend noticed that they both thought a certain person looked just like Eugene, the effeminate, tap-dancing nerd from Disney's Animated TV show "Hey Arnold!". Jake played one of his first songs that night: "I Butt F***ed Your Billy Goat Last Night" (now out of rotation). They immediately loathed each other, and formed a band.

Witness the Fitness writes and records all their own songs, manages its own booking and website operations, and generally just tries to have fun doing what they love.

Both Jake and Shane are self taught musicians with two decades plus worth of musical experience between them. Statistically, that is equal to approximately 3.7 million Fifty Cents. That's TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!! Who would want to be responsible for that kind of devastation?

Well. Devastation is open to interpretation.

Gaze into the circus that is Witness The Fitness.

Also: [as a disclaimer]

(We're fond of disclaimers)