Witt Wisebram

Witt Wisebram


"Witt performs a rich set of songs which range from tender love songs to Phil Ochs style assaults. His performance is dynamic, energetic and passionate, yet his songs reflexively question his role as singer and musician in this complex world." -Joan Braderman (Artist/Activist)


While it may seem naive to most, there are certain artists that still think they can change the world through music, film, literature, etc. Witt Wisebram's songs represent the fire burning in the bellies of our nation's youth, sparked by the shortcomings of our country's government, and intensified by their personal conflict and confusion about how their lives are effected and if their voices can mean anything at all. Witt's haunting melodies, shaky voice, and expressive guitar playing snake through the room and seem to find those in the audience that have shared in similar experience, adjacent pitfall, and more importantly those that hold on to an unshakeable hope. Witt's songs, although extremely personal, serve as metaphors to a larger desire for recovery, redemption, and an undeniable need for change.

Witt Wisebram was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He has always had a passion for folk, acoustic, and indie-musics. Now a solo musician, Witt draws on such influences as Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, M. Ward, and others to create a lush and thought-provoking sound. Through a timeless melancholy, his songs become melodic narrative of a troubled past, of repairing oneself, of the desire to change the world through changing oneself. He has played countless shows in Atlanta and Western Massachusetts, to excited reviews and a rapidly growing fan base.

In 2003 Witt founded WonderRoot. WonderRoot is a non-profit organization committed to helping local artists produce, distribute, and expose their work. WonderRoot uses all of its proceeds to create and fund service projects to benefit the local community in an attempt to help socially conscience artists to have tangible positive impacts on the communities that have done so much to inspire them. The summer of 2005 marked the release of the "breathe.city.lights E.P." and a supporting national tour. First winning Atlanta's Limerick Junction's singer/songwriter contest and then traveling through 12 states, Witt played such venues as New York's CBGB 313 and Sidewalk Cafe as well as Chapel Hill's The Cave, Boston's Club Passim, and Atlanta's Eyedrum and Red Light Cafe. Well received everywhere he played, Witt played selected dates through the fall of 2005 while in the studio working on a new project. In the fall Witt played for Boston University's Radio series, at The Red Door in Portsmouth, NH, Hampshire college and more universities and colleges throughout the season including Johnson State University. Witt's song "Rainbows and Finish Lines" was featured on WTBU in Boston as well.

In the winter of 2006 Witt played a benefit for the Johnson State University Anti-War Coalition and numerous radio and TV spots. He performed and was interviewed on WHPC New York in March and appeared for a live set on Homegrown TV which airs all over New England. Witt played select shows through the season including a small spring tour that took him and WonderRoot artist, Will Bangs, down the east coast to New Orleans where they played for residents and relief workers trying to rebuild their community. Witt will be touring this summer with Will Bangs in support of the release of his Northeast Radio E.P.. Please visit www.wonderroot.org for more information! For booking please contact witt@wonderroot.org.


March 11, 2005

Written By: Witt Wisebram

Brian Nichols killed a judge in a courtroom. A customs agent, a cop, and the court reporter too, and I know that he wasn't right, but some things will make a man lose his mind...

like when the president said that violence was our right, his hollywood dreams came to life. He'll take all the blame, they'll take his life. well even an american boy just lives to die.

Some will say it's a sign of the times. He brought a shank in his sock to the trial. The guard caught him once, but the next day was unarmed. she was up against a man that lost his heart.

He saw his chance to be free, and like the cage bird had to sing. Isn't survival of the fittest the american dream?

...and he ran down to the road with the gun in his hand that he stole. He had to be as scared as you and I, and the TV man said "its happened once again. There's a black man with a gun and a killing mind."

He hijacked a car and drove it uptown, where he took a young lady hostage in her townhous. She looked him in the eye, said your chance is in the sky, cause god can do for you what you're to scared to try.

...but the prosecutor won't care. she'll put him in the electric chair, and his right for redemption will fry.

When a child committs the act, the first question that they ask is "where were the parents?" so I askin the state. Cause my down was down there and I too was scared, and there's no telling what a man will do when he's desperate.

For a lot of years my life was run by fear. I hurt a lot of people with my selfish truths. It took me a while to see that all my songs are just daydreams. Well, me and Brian Nichols ain't that different from you.

Together We Trudge the Road

Written By: Witt Wisebram

We scanned static country stations in my car, and I watched and hoped that you were wishing on that night's first star...through my dirty window that blurred with your breath.

That night on the swingset and the biggest lie. I said Massachussettes is cold, and you'll want somebody warm in your bed at night. Now wherever I go and whatever I do...I need you.

cause it's a hard, yeah it's a hard road I will walk, but it's a happy, yeah a happy path we could trudge.

These calloused hands are worn out and they're bruised, and they won't be healing till I can quit singing over you. My voice it will scratch and my teeth they all will stain. With all these cigarettes and songs in your name.

cause it's a hard, yeah it's a hard road I will walk, but it's a happy, yeah a happy path we could trudge.

They Too Will Know

Written By: Witt Wisebram

Do you recall a kid we knew when we were just 15. He drank some beer cause he was full of fear, but his head was full of dreams. He'd sleep the days and at night drift away from his own life. Punk rock records...did some drugs...looked at his ceiling and he'd cry....

...something isn't right, I've got to get away from this state of mind.

When the sad set in and his nose got read and his drinks became to big. He set to change the course of a boat that sailed indifference winds. made changes to himself, met some friends with dreams as big. they stared at the sky, counted stars, waited for their ship to come in.

...so we're gonna change the world, but tonight we'll just change our minds.

Now we sit inside this satellite dish watching the skyline. Trying to trade peace for war, wondering how so many people got so blind, but when you feel like giving up you've got to change your mind, cause it's the way of the world, yeah first things first, one person at a time.

Some people will say "what is past is past, just let it go." but when they wake up from this nightmare they too will know that a dream isn't something you can't ignore.


-Breathe.City.Lights E.P. (2005)
-includes "Rainbows and Finish Lines"
which has received airplay on numerous
college stations.
-Northeast Radio E.P. (2006)
-First Full Length to be recorded in the Fall of 2006.

Set List

The set list is always changing. There are very rarely covers added and a typical set usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.