Wizard Smoke

Wizard Smoke

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Wizard Smoke is an immense riff-metal outfit akin to an insane banshee fronting Deep Purple on quaaludes.


Wizard Smoke causes sudden fits of head-bobbing and horn-throwing.

It is an Atlanta-based doom/stoner/metal/drone outfit that has shared the stage with national acts such as Kylesa, Harvey Milk, Zoroaster, Torche, Coliseum, Wolves in the Throne Room, Red Fang, Thrones and more. Its second album (entitled "The Speed of Smoke") was completed in March 2011 and was met with enormous praise and heavy downloads.

The band is a unique amalgamation of well-seasoned sounds such as Witch, Deep Purple, Sleep, Flower Travellin' Band, Kyuss, Clutch and Black Sabbath but delivered with a hulking ferocity and diversity of textures heretofore unattempted in the "stoner metal" genre.

Riffs. Density. A soundtrack to enormity.


Live Rock in Hell - 2009
The Speed of Smoke - 2011

Set List

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