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"Hip-Hop Artist Blends Fun, Consciousness,"

Media Contact:
Reggie Cason
Phone: 404.242.6015
E-mail: reggie.cason@gmail.com

Hip-Hop Artist Blends Fun, Consciousness, Thought-Provocation, Hot Beats In New Album

Wize plans to take the rap arena by storm with lyrics that will rock
both the mind and the body in his new LP, “Earth Tone”

October 2007 - Atlanta – Listening to Mikhail “Wize” Quarles, it is nearly impossible to believe that he just entered the hip-hop game three years ago. Now, at the age of 19 he is ready to make his mark in his community and career,
all with his lyrics and a microphone.

Making a difference and walking a narrow path is not new for Wize. He
was raised by his paternal grandmother who was sure to instill in him the wisdom that he carries with him and expresses in his music: Hence the moniker
“Wize”. As many hip-hop artists today, and those voiceless individuals in global communities, his path to where he is today has not been without bump or

His story begins with his love of writing, partnered with a gift of deep thought and then marry these elements with a tight beat and there is a luminous result of a Wize track. Many in the Atlanta-area have witnessed and felt
the impact of the gift of Wize. He has rocked venues such as Da Bomb and Club Remake that are known for their music-loving, harsh-critiquing audiences.

Wize has big dreams for himself. He is excited about what is to come in the near future for his career. His new album, “Earth Tone” and signing with his new manager are guaranteeing his success and growth in the industry. He is also looking forward to and positive that his music is going to make an impact on the industry that is infamous for its challenges.

There are many hip-hop influences that Wize has garnered throughout his journey; however, the one that means the most to him is his hip-hop icon, Nas. When listening to Wize’s music, there is an evident yet subtle hint of Nas’ influence.
The righteousness and messages that the seasoned artist always manages to keep in his lyrics is the very ideal that Wize has followed and made his own.

As an artist to watch, Wize is building his foundation on fun, enlightenment, consciousness and the right-and-wrong-conscience learned at the knee of his grandmother. He is one of the few artists that are willing to stay true to himself and his fans by uplifting a community with his words. Learn something.

### - Jatika Hudson


Released Take A Deep Breath Mixtape. Finishing up second mixtape to be released in early 2008. Currently in the studio recording first album to be released in Fall 2008.



In 2008, the state of hip hop seems to be in that of an emergency with disposable music at the fore front of the game. Wize steps in at a time when creativity and commitment is barely being displayed in today's music scene. With heartfelt, witty lyrics, along with charisma and a smooth flow, Wize is destined to make his impact on the game while helping to put Washington D.C. on the map.

Born Mikhail Quarles September 10th, 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia Wize started rapping at the age of 16, though he's always been known for his extraordinary gift in writing. He moved to Southeast Washington D.C. at the age of two with his grandmother, where his father was born and raised. Growing up in D.C. throughout his youth, his grandmother instilled in him the value of family, love, and perseverance.

Along with this knowledge and his vast amount of experience, at the age of 19, Wize possesses everything to be a heralded MC throughout his career. In September of 2007 he released his first pressed mix-tape, "Take a Deep Breath", which has attracted over 500 downloads and counting all across the internet. He is also distributing copies in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and a host of other city and states. He has done many performances in the Atlanta area, rocking clubs such as Da Bomb, Club Remake, The Atrium, Django's, Lenny's Bar, and Club 291.

He has managed to touch people of all different ages, no matter race color or creed through his powerful hip hop movement. Hooking up with his manager, Reggie Cason in September 2007, has proven that it is time to take his project to the next level. In January 2008, he, along with his manager, formed the Scholar Entertainment Group, an independent record label focusing on artistic expression and good music.

As he continues to do shows, he is working on the follow up to his first mix-tape and working on an album entitled "Earth Tone" to be released in '08. With his strong voice and unique style, Wize will definitely be an artist to watch grow throughout his career. The standard has been set and God's will is in effect. Without a doubt, if you want to know the future of hip hop, Wize is next. Learn something.