Wize Guyz

Wize Guyz

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Our music is a combination of lyrical expression with a hip hop element that is uniquely our own, but our music also delivers the faithful characteristics that define Twin Cities Rap and Hip Hop.


The Wize Guyz arise from the unique and uncustomary rap and hip hop underground that has placed Minneapolis & St. Paul on the map. Following in the steps of icons such as Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Maria Isa, P.O.S., and many more, Dextro and Lojik transform their poetic rhymes into a path of beats and lyrics that touch upon everyday questions, struggles, and dreams that they face everyday in their community. Using their unique style, the Wize Guyz confront the frustrations of the community and subculture in which they live, and they transform those frustrations into anthems of excitement and determination. Through tracks such as "America", "Back 2 Da Future", "Mill City", and "What You Want", the Wize Guyz shout for their family, friends, and their fans, the truth that in Mill City, America, the hip hop and rap is a style all their own.


Album: Mill City (2007) (14 tracks/60 minutes); Singles: What You Want, Root of Evil, I'm the Truth, Mill City.

Set List

I'm the Truth, Root of Evil, What You Want, America, My Style, Don't Give A F**K, Everyday Livin', Eternity. Set Time: 40-60 minutes.