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Wiz Kids

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Wiz Kids present a mixture of old school hip hop , and new school lyricism . They perform in order to get the crowd involved . The three members bring versatility , style , and soul to each one of their records . They have a style that has been compared to that of Outkast .


The Wiz Kids is a hip-hop trio based in Indianapolis, In. The three-man group consists of DefvoiceX8 , Bad Mikko , and Fayme (brother of Seriouz Biz Ent CEO 'Kal-J'). The Wiz Kids are creating a local buzz in a somewhat dormant local area with the releases of their mixtapes titled 'The Freshlands', and 'Team Rocket'. Their goal is not only to brighten Indiana's music scene , but to bring a youthful flavor to the hip hop community. DefvoiceX8-- Defvoicex8 means Definite Voice Times the Eight Elements. These elements are air, fire, water, earth, hot, cold, wet and dry. With this definite voice I can, with my wordsmith style, bring rhythm for their ears to vibe to. Defvoicex8 means also the acronym Dv8, similar to deviate, hence I deviate from the norm. I hold strong values for being a wordsmith and I illuminate my long-winded style through the elements of hip-hop. I am here to resemble what hip-hop once was. The Freshlands, A Movement. Bad Mikko-- Born in the Virgin Islands , Hakim Pierce aka Bad Mikko is the newest member to the roster . Having lived in multiple states because of a military family , he has absorbed all types of cultures. This makes his style unique. He moved to Indianapolis in late 2007 , where his beatboxing talent caught the attention of the Wiz Kids. Fayme-- The brother of Seriouz Biz Ent CEO 'Kal-J'. He was the first artist under the label as well. He also hopes to cause a storm in the local hip hop scene , but wants to expand into a larger business in order to turn 'Seriouz Biz Ent' into a powerhouse in the music industry .


Wiz Kids--The Freshlands--Released August 08


Wiz Kids--Team Rocket--Released March 2009