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Manville, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Manville, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Upper Weside"

"The Upper Weside showcases an incredible visionary mind. The mind of Minister Wes-E. He is a preacher. He is a teacher. He is an MC. He is the Player President, so he has to represent! What makes this album so different from any album that he has done before is that it oozes with confidence and a prophetic flair that makes him ahead of his time. There is no doubt that this album is a defining moment in the career of Wes-E. He no longer has to hope that he is among hip-hop's elite. In my opinion, he's already there! After hearing his opus to America 2 years ago, I said this guy is amazing! After hearing this album, I said this guy is the best! Pound for pound the best rapper that I've heard. I don't say that because he has the loudest voice because to me that isn't what defines hip-hop. I don't say that because he's sold the most records. He is independent and does this music part time, so album sales aren't going to be that prolific. To me, hip-hop is creating a masterpiece out of thin air! Taking something that has never been done before in hip-hop and owning it! Hip-hop is artistry and Wes-E has figured out how to match timeless and unique beat patterns with an unquenchable passion for teaching knowledge. See, knowledge is what is missing in hip-hop today! Knowledge is what the founding fathers of hip-hop wanted to share. Knowledge of self, knowledge of our creator, and knowledge of our potential were the recipe for much of the earlier hip-hop. We have gotten away from that. Wes-E takes risks in his music and in most cases those risks pay off! This is why I recommend this album to anybody who is a fan of hip-hop. Don't shy away from the album because it says spiritual, or Christian because I'm not Christian and even I can say that this album speaks to my spirit. I have a stronger sense of purpose after listening to his words of inspiration and maybe...just maybe...he has changed the mind of this man, who was once against the church!" - Loyal Fan


Minister Wes Volume 1 (2004), Singing on Sunday (2004), Volume 2...Road to Emmaus (2006), America...I'm Talking to You (2008), Upper Weside (2010)



Early Years

Iorwuese “Wes” Ifan or as his fans call him, Wes-E, was born February 18, 1981 in Nigeria in the town of Gboko. His family moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 1982. His mother had quite an influence in his early development. She stayed home to read books to him and instill a strong affinity for education. As a boy, Wes was always entertaining people. Whether he was imitating television characters or imitating dance moves on television, you could tell that he had an outgoing personality. Wes seemed to have a God given gift with the pen as a toddler. He imaginatively created his own story books at the age of 5!

Early Influences

Music entered into his life very early. In fact, at the age of 8 Wes picked up the trumpet for the first time! Early on, even his mother could see the determination that Wes had to be the very best musician in his school. Wes practiced the same song tirelessly until he mastered it! He worked himself to first chair trumpet by the time he was in 5th grade. There wasn't a doubt that music would play a significant role in his evolution into a young man.

Later on, Wes would explore other artistic outlets and forms of expression. He was encouraged by his mother to read scripture verses in church to build his public speaking confidence. At the age of 13, he delivered his first sermon at a youth Sunday service at his home church. He continued to explore other musical outlets by participating in the church choir. Later, he would expand on his expressive writing talent by writing poetry. His musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and Jay-Z.

Musical Career

Known for his spoken word approach to hip-hop, Wes-E has an infectious personality that shines through in his music. He always finds a way to tug at your emotions with deep introspective songs. Wes-E has a knack for writing some of the most memorable stories in his rhymes...you might say his albums are audio books for the masses!

Wes is highly focused on creating music that appeals to a wide audience. His fan-base ranges from corporate suit wearers, to blue collar workers; all the way down to the youth of the inner city! In many respects the new wave of hip-hop music that Wes-E has embarked on has evolved into the sub-genre of Urban Inspirational Music.

Wes-E currently runs his own label, WJV Music Group. He has an unconquerable passion for what he does and you can see it and feel it when he performs in front of a live audience. We shouldn’t be surprised if Wes-E is mentioned among hip-hop's elite in the very near future! He isn't gunning for overnight commercial success. What he wants is to leave a lasting hip-hop legacy!