W.L. Bishop

W.L. Bishop

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Our sound has been defined by music reviewers as "raw and earthy" after opening for T-Pain at Ga Tech. On the surface we are a hard hitting, soulful, and entertaining band. But when you dig beneath that, you find powerful lyrics. Our blues and folk roots show define our energetic live shows.


From the life that inspires his music to the sound he plays, W.L. understands that a change in the ordinary is what makes things memorable. He is currently working on his upcoming EP, When the Trains Come Rolling Through, a heartfelt series of songs portraying life as a series of stills, filled with the people and things that make us the crazy, loving, fearful, and ambitious things we are.

W.L. has recently played both Georgia Tech and UGA's homecoming concert's, where he opened up for T-Pain in Atlanta. Producing hard-hitting rhythms to his soulful songs, W.L.'s band, featuring Johnathan Jenkins and James Lavender, brings a live kick to the music. W.L.'s live shows are ones not to be forgotten.



Time and Days
Dancer, Dancer

In-Work EPs:

When the Trains Come Rolling Through, Spring '12

Set List

Time and Days
Dancer, Dancer
The Run
Room for the Dust
Old Man Williams
Chains and Echoes
Wagon Wheel
Gimme One Reason
Heart of Gold