Mojo Collins

Mojo Collins

 Nags Head, North Carolina, USA

Mojo Collins brings blues rock screaming and moaning into the 21st century. Veteran bluesman Collins joins forces with the rhythm section of the popular NC jam band Formula to create a sound that is at once all blues and all right now.


Not many people have performed with or opened shows for Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company, Steve Miller, Santana, The Grateful Dead, Ike and Tina Turner, Muddy Waters, Leon Redbone, Sly and the Family Stone, Blue Cheer, The Spinners, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Keith Shealy, and the incomparable Stevie Ray Vaughan. After accomplishing all of this, world renowned guitarist Mojo Collins considers his dues to be paid and is currently living his lifelong dream as a professional singer, guitarist, and songwriter on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His music continues to receive critical acclaim with airplay in the US and 9 other countries over the last 20 years. Now with his latest CD and brand new band Mojo is currently booking tour dates for 2010.


Latest album - Get Around 2 It - 2010

Latest single - Livin' With the Pain - 2010

1966-LONG TIME COMING-IT'S NOT EASY (single) on BFD Records

1971- SAWBUCK (album) on Fillmore Records Distributed by CBS

1979- DIAMOND SHOALS TALES UNTOLD (album) Jomo Records 1980- HOUSE OF LIGHT (single) Jomo Records

1984- CHEAP BLUES IN MORE THAN 12 BARS ( album) Jomo Records

1989- CATCH HIM LIVE ( cassette) Jomo Records 1989- BLUE JEANIUS ( cassette) Jomo Records

1990- DIAMOND SHOALS re-release/CD w/unreleased songs- Jomo Records

1994- CHILD OF THE BLUES (CD) Jomo Records 1996- ONE STEP CLOSER- Alternative Records

1997- BUDDY BOY- Video

1998- PORTRAIT IN BLUES- Alternative Records

2000- INTO THE MO-LLENNIUM- Alternative Records

2001- BUSHWHACKED OR GORED TO DEATH (single) Jomo Records

2001- COFFEE TUNES (CD) Jomo Records

2001- ROCK AND ROLL DREAM - Jomo Records


2001- MASTER PEACE- Jomo Records

2002- SHAKE DEM BLUES (CD) Jomo Records

2002- BOOTLEG MOJO (CD) compilation

2002- WORKING DA MOJO (CD) Jomo Records

2002- AMERICAN BLUES GUY (CD) Jomo Records

2003 - LIVE 2 HARD DRIVE (CD) Jomo Records

2003 - FLIGHT OF MAGIC(CD) Jomo Records

2004 - SIX FOR SIXTY (boxed set/6 CD's) Jomo Records


2005- WORLD FULL OF STRANGE (CD) Jomo Records

2006- SLIDE ON OUGHTA HEAR (all slide guitar CD); MOJO VVHQR (public radio) CONCERT D VD

2007- MOJO COLLINS LIVE (Live concert Double CD)

NOTE: ***300 songs written & available for hire; 2 video, 2 film and 5 commercial credits ; currently represented in schools through UNITED ARTS PROGRAM of Raleigh, NC; member (artist and agent) of NC PRESENTERS CONSORTIUM