Will Navé

Will Navé

 Compton, California, USA

Gospel Comedian, Impersonator, Charismatic, Outgoing, Spontaneous, Real, Hilarious, Improves.


Born and raised Long Beach California; Will Nave has always been perceive as the class clown in school. In his senior year (1997) Woodrow Wilson High held a talent contest for male seniors (as the females where planning their own events), the talent contest had no resections as to what can be presented. Eagered about the news; Will thought to himself “this is my chance to show people how funny I really am” unfortunately he did not win the talent contents for his school, however the following day teachers and friends complimented him, for his courage and admired his performance held at the auditorium where he introduced his first comedy show in front of the whole school. It was at this point of his life when Will realized his love for the stage and comedy.

In 2006 Will performed in Hollywood, California at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset, and the Speckle Theater in downtown San Diego, California. In 2009 He also hosted at the Pasadena Ice House Annex Room. Will even went on to do his own venue in downtown Long Beach California (which lasted for two years) at Fried Laughs. This show received outstanding news paper reviews from the Long Beach Gazette.

Will Nave also has had the opportunity to be on the radio at 102.3 KJLH with Cliff Winston. Soon after that Will received a call from YO-YO at 93.5 K-DAY in 2007 to do his Jessie Jackson impersonation, as he has a talent of singing and work’s with various voice impersonations. He is focused on mastering this art to its out most perfection. From heavy Southern accents, to Bernie Mac, Prince, etc... His impersonations are endless. Will has also worked with Lady J on the LA Talk radio (an internet station) making guest spot appearances from 2008-2009,but his proudest achievement was when he performed for the troops and their family’s at Camp Pendleton. “It was an honor to perform for our men and women who sacrifice their lives in order to give us the freedom we have today”

In 2008 Will felt his love and passion for comedy has finally paid off. He won the Improve competition contract held at Pechanga Indian casino in Temecula, California (which is now called The Comedy Club at Pechanga) and went on to do his first performance at the casino in 2009. Since then Will has developed tremendously to become a feature act. “These all have been great accomplishments that I am so deeply proud off however im not done! In fact it's just the beginning!” Will looks forward to continued success in the future and hopes one day it could tap into the world of acting.


Radio Interview with lady J
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Set List

I usually perform 10- 30 minutes each set. I speak on topics from family to current events. I can also host your events as well.