a band dedicated to nothing but perfection.


WOC originally started about 6 years ago with two of the founding members George and Moe. While their guitar shredding antics were unbelievable, they wanted to incorporate a much deeper tone, and they were soon to realize one of their close friends harnessed this unbelievable deep dark tone, that has come to drive the underbelly of immense epic tones from the bass of Radu. With George, Moe, and Radu, they together sought the thunderous sound of drums, and with the addition of Will, they have come to create a sound unparalleled to that of any other.


WoC - Unleashed
- Five Feet Above
- Five Feet Under
- Breathe
- Epiphany

Set List

- WoC Intro Song
- Breathe (WoC)
- Five Feet Above (WoC)
- I Stand Alone (Godsmack)
- Five Feet Under (WoC)
- Metallica Medley (sand man, creeping death, master of Puppets)
- Into The Wild (WoC)
- Untitled (WoC)

WoC Sets are about 35-45 minutes Long!