Original mix of many styles that travels through a mix of many emotions. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Turntablist, Keyboard, and vocals. Rock, funk,metal, blues, and reggae. Anything goes! Influenced by the world and everything in it.


A massive attack of sounds that can blow you away or gently message your mind. Wodka's songs are carefully crafted to keep you guessing on there every move. Creating a sound of there own by mixing rock, funk, metal, blues, and reggae styles to speak a whole new language. Influenced by the world and everything in it. Another Louisville, Kentucky original!



Set List

Set 1--1. Evergreen 2. 1920 3. Dreamgirl 4. Way out of here 5. Paint it red 6. Shotgun 7. Lake Song 8. Sandy Beaches 9. No destination 10. Sisters 11. Feel the Fury 12. Cold Weather
Set 2--1. Tequilla 2. Testing the water 3. 12 Gauge Blues 4. All wrong 5. Faith 6. Superstar 7. Super hero 8. Chicken on the bone 9. Butterhole 10. D.M.F 11. Mercedes 12. Safeguard

These are all Wodka originals each set is approximately 45 minutes. 1 set or 2 depending on the type of show.