BandHip Hop

This HIGH ENERGY hip-hop rap unit rocks the mic that rocks the crowd. The W.O.E BoyZ always give a redline performance that receives a high octane ovation everytime!


The W.O.E BoyZ, comprised of individual acts within a group blazing out of the Detroit Metropolitan area are determined to show that their midwest style can rock any crowd. The group developed naturally in part by sharing a common "love" of Hip-Hop / Rap music. One of their unique attributes is that they posses a plethora of music that crosses all genres. The W.O.E BoyZ switch up beats and mic flows like chameleons and are ready to share their distinctive originality with the world.

Their influences derive from various artist and producers as close as the East to the West Coast respectively. What sets The W.O.E BoyZ apart besides thery're love for all genres of music is the fact that they write and produce all their tracks. You can find The W.O.E BoyZ locked down in the studio for weeks kicking out tracks and song after songs. Ultimately, their true desire is to add to the positive side and continuous evolution to push hip hop rap style music to new heights. This will ensure The W.O.E BoyZ music and performances can be enjoyed by everyone.

"The W.O.E BoyZ" offer pure rap/hip-hop fun entertainment that all can enjoy. The W.OE BoyZ intend to be a household name are quickly becoming audience favorites.


*Single - W.O.E BOYZ (W.M.P-ASCAP 2004)
featured on J-ROC's CD This Kid's on FIRE currently digitally distributed and avialable on various sites including Apple iTunes, MP3Tunes.com/J-ROC, NAPSTER, MusicNet and others. Actual CD Available at CDBaby.com, Tower.com, etc. Plus W.O.E Records and Detroit local music stores.

*W.O.E BoyZ PROMO CD in post production.
** W.O.E BoyZ individual CD's in production.

Set List

CAN tailor shows to fit venue audience.
(clean r&b/acoustic style rap to club style rockin hip hop rap entertainment)

The W.O.E BoyZ can provide a FULL SHOW that includes:
Open - CHRIS MASON & Friends (20 min. set)
2nd - Uh-HUH & MEL + Y.V. (20 min. set)
3rd - SHOTY & HOT Ca$H (20 min. set)
4th - J-ROC & WackyWayne + Y.V. (25 min. set)
Close - W.O.E BoyZ FINALE (5 mins. set)

*9 original song set list approx. 35 minutes:
Uh-Huh & Y.V. perform 2 songs
SHOTY performs 1 song
SHOTY w/ WackyWayne performs 1 song
J-ROC & WakcyWayne performs 4 songs
Altogether they perform W.O.E BoyZ 1 song

THE W.O.E BoyZ can ACCOMODATE any time spot up to 2 hrs if needed.

*We do have our own DJ's if you do not provide any
music services additional to our group.

**J-ROC performs if available due to young age.

***Hot Ca$H performs if available due to under 18.