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W. O. G.

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W. O. G. is the first female supergroup. The Crunkest Women of God! Bringing their testimonies to hot tracks to compel the lost to Christ and win souls to the Kingdom of God. Influenced by the Word of God, these apprentices under Hip Hop Mogul Mr. Del, bring 31 Flavas to the Holy South Crunk.


31 FLAVA - A woman who personifies the virtuosity of the complete proverbs 31 woman. she is unique in her own right and represents style, class, and humility in a spiritual sound manner. A "Good Thing" indeed!

HOLY SOUTH- In connection with Mr. Del and Holy South, these young ladies level of crunk is right up there with the guys. The non-stop energy they bring is shows their excitement for God through a praise so powerful its contagious.

W. O. G. are diverse in background and in testimony so every young woman's heart can be reached in some way and even young men can relate. W. O. G. bring something new and fresh to Hip Hop and come from the heart without sugar-coating anything, they spit nothing but the truth and become transparent vessels sharing their lives with the world in hopes to win souls. 31 FLAVA is their offering to God for just how far He has brought them.

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Set List

Jump If You Crunk
Say Sumthin'
Dip Low