"Fans of earlier Wilco, who were a little lost in the Art Rock artifice of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, will take kindly to Wojo's enduring, song-driven ruminations." -- Citybeat Magazine, Oct. 2003.


Wojo's sound is an Americana-driven stew with just enough British Invasion influence to make them sometimes difficult to pinpoint. An amalgam of alt-country, rock, blues and soul tunes (think early Wilco, minus the banjo), this quintet of musical artists has been supporting the intelligent, engaging, and often witty songwriting of lead singer Justin Lynch since 2003.

At its core, the band is the continuation of a partnership between guitarist/vocalist Justin Lynch and bassist Aaron Zlatkin, which had its genesis in the early 1990s. Like most musical endeavors, the duo encountered a revolving door of drummers and guitarists before finding the right match. That match began to reveal itself in 2000, with the addition of J. Matt Retherford on drums. Lightning struck again in the summer of 2001 with the arrival of lead guitarist Mike Fair. Keyboardist Luke Alquizola joined the band in 2004, rounding out a full spectrum roots and folk rock arsenal, with enough teeth to satisfy the most jaded blues fan. If Stax had a one night stand with RCA Studios B, WOJO would be their love child.

The solidified line up has gained significant notoriety in the Midwest, releasing two full length albums and playing such high-profile events as Free The Music (2003), the Midpoint Music Festival (2003-04, 2006), Indianapolis’ Midwest Music Summit (2004 and 2005) and WNKU radio’s Earth Day Celebration (2004, supporting Cracker).

Their newest CD "Borderlands," is their third full-length album. Released in October 2006, Wojo looks forward to further solidifying its status as musician’s musicians and to crisscross the Midwest in support of the new record. Wherever you are, count on the Wojo experience making its way to your town soon.

::Festivals and Conferences::
2006 Tall Stacks - Justin solo (OH)
2006 MidPoint Music Festival (OH)
2005 Midwest Music Summit (IN)
2004 MidPoint Music Festival (OH)
2004 Midwest Music Summit - Justin solo (IN)
2004 WNKU's Earth Day Celebration (OH)
2003 MidPoint Music Festival (OH)
2003 Free the Music Festival (OH)


Borderlands - 2006
How to Try Without Succeeding - 2003
Exist On Cool - 2001

Set List

45-60 minutes of original material, with an occasional cover tune for flavor.