Woke Up Falling

Woke Up Falling


Since forming in late 2000, Woke Up Falling have been hard at work, touring nationwide, releasing two full-lengths and an EP. You won't find a more honest band on the planet. WUF is as honest about the music they make, as they are in telling you they don't give a !@&# if you don't like it.


Monsters... what are we going to do with them?

As kids, they scare us to death and keep us paranoid every second of every day. We KNOW they want to eat us ...and would if they could. Sure, we never REALLY see them, but it's obvious they are hiding in our closets or under the bed.

As teenagers, they diguise themselves as our parents [after they have eaten them] and pry into our personal lives. They say it's because they love us and want to "keep an open line of communication." It's only a deterrent as they plot our deaths.

As adults, Monsters finally reveal themselves for who they really are: Hipsters...

The scariest Monsters wear scarves EVEN DURING THE SUMMER! These beasts are known to have wine parties and dinner parties where they talk about things that no one cares about.

They'll claim to be poor just like you and then drive off in their 2006 VW jetta for the thrift store. There the male monsters are known to buy girls pants and the most aero-dynamic, ugly-ass shoes they can find.

They return to their home and their mate. The mate usually has all of the same characteristics, with an exception in Portland monsters, where the females are know to have beer guts. Matching hair-cuts make it hard to tell one gender from the other. So make sure you know who's ass your checking out... if not, you may end up questioning your own sexuality.

Monsters are scary. Please be careful.



Woke Up Falling - CD/LP - 2005
It's Only Your Ghost - CDEP - 2003
Dividing Blue From Blue - CD - 2001

Set List

A typical WUF set is just under 45 minutes, blasting through 9-10 songs.

2006 will yeild a new setlist, including at least 2 new songs and a few other suprises.