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“This one kicks you in the gut from the get-go. No nice melodic intro here, just 'bam' and you're into the music, which is a very fresh way to start an album. Portland, Oregon's Woke Up Falling means business this time around. The guitars are powerful and intricate, the rhythm even more so, and Gordie Muscutt's amazing vocals soar and swoon and scream their way along.” - Delusions of Adequacy


"I have a feeling this ambitious record will get lumped in with emo pretenders, and I also think singer Gordie Muscutt's voice will split listeners into groups of those who like it and those who don't. But this is aggressive, layered post-punk with lots of power and melody, and Muscutt has a unique voice and delivery that's thankfully whine-free. When you add in the strong lyrics, nice instrumental accompaniment that pops up here and there (strings, piano), you have a good album as a result. Opener "Fake Your Death" is especially strong, and track seven, "Until Our Funeral," is another good one. These guys are apparently road warriors, so check them out when they come to your town. I have a feeling it'll be worth the price of admission." - Punk Planet

"Emotionally Gripping"

"Woke Up Falling has created one of the most exciting albums I have heard recently. Their sound combines the moody melodies of the Cure with the passionate power of early Sunny Day Real Estate. Vocalist Gordie Muscutt has one of the most amazing passionate screams I have ever heard. His vocal stylings add to the musical landscape and interpret the lyrics in tones that are difficult to mistake. I am extremely impressed by Woke Up Falling. Their new album is fresh, original and emotionally gripping." - 1340mag.com


"Woke Up Falling manage the uneasy task of marrying discordant melodies, chaotic instrumental interludes and gritty vocals. This innovative approach is best exemplified on the aptly titled 'Fight Song' where angry vocals rise above the heavily distorted guitars before evolving into pained screams eventually ensconced within the abrasive melody. With the indie rock scene so heavily immersed in the artsy, self-glorifying and inherently disingenuous ways, Woke Up Falling may just provide the knock-out punch the said scene is in such need of." - PunkRockReviews.com


Spastic is a good way to categorize this. [It] doesn't feel like a recording, it feels like you're in a room as Woke Up Falling just improvises away. Every time. This is due mostly to the chaotic vocal delivery - changing from a rapid-fire scream, to a sing, to a yell (often all in one line). The bombastic drums and riveting guitars release this energy, as the passion just bleeds out. There is nothing more exciting than feeling what the artist feels, and as you [listen], you will understand exactly what Woke Up Falling feels. - Independent Clauses

"Kicks Some Ass"

"Just got back from a Woke Up Falling show at Berbati's. Where to start? I can't say enough great things about Woke Up Falling. Musicaly, I love their style, it flows, builds and kicks some ass when played live. The lead singer, Gordie, stays animated throughout the whole set. Josh, the drummer has some life in him as well, his snare worked overtime tonight. Zak, the guitarist, likes the color red and 'bleeds' some amazing noise from his constantly moving Strat. Hey, do your ears a favor and check out Woke Up Falling in a town near you during their tour." - Northwest Noise


"I've seen [WUF] play several dynamite shows that left me quite impressed with their visceral performances, as well as with the quality of their songs. Muscutt sings his tales of romantic frustration in an appropriately marble-mouthed fashion, and his yelps and cries mesh seamlessly with the band's guitar attack. Woke Up Falling is a good band. They write good songs, play them with conviction and play them loud. This makes me happy." - Splendid Zine


Woke Up Falling - CD/LP - 2005
It's Only Your Ghost - CDEP - 2003
Dividing Blue From Blue - CD - 2001



Monsters... what are we going to do with them?

As kids, they scare us to death and keep us paranoid every second of every day. We KNOW they want to eat us ...and would if they could. Sure, we never REALLY see them, but it's obvious they are hiding in our closets or under the bed.

As teenagers, they diguise themselves as our parents [after they have eaten them] and pry into our personal lives. They say it's because they love us and want to "keep an open line of communication." It's only a deterrent as they plot our deaths.

As adults, Monsters finally reveal themselves for who they really are: Hipsters...

The scariest Monsters wear scarves EVEN DURING THE SUMMER! These beasts are known to have wine parties and dinner parties where they talk about things that no one cares about.

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They return to their home and their mate. The mate usually has all of the same characteristics, with an exception in Portland monsters, where the females are know to have beer guts. Matching hair-cuts make it hard to tell one gender from the other. So make sure you know who's ass your checking out... if not, you may end up questioning your own sexuality.

Monsters are scary. Please be careful.