I'm trying to bring a more focused, less frivolous feel to a busy genre. Electronic music has become a sea of neon and fluorescent, but I dare to ask: what would the world be if the visions of Kraftwerk and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop persisted?


I'm heavily influenced by modern interpretations of what the computer is capable of. In the hands of such luminaries as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Ellen Allien, and Apparat, the world of digital sound has become more than simply a novelty; it is an artistic way of life, capable of generating any sound the mind can imagine. That being the case, what limits us to the faux-disco of years past? Can music not be danceable, as well as thought provoking? I want to tap in to the natural rhythm of the human body and mind, using heavy-handed doses of progressive sound design to bring out a connection between the mind and body, making the listener more aware of their connection to their corporeal self as they listen.


Finances prohibit me from having released anything materially, and I prefer to compose tracks for specific events, largely without releasing them, as site-specific ephemeral installations.

Set List

I usually compose three to four original songs per performance, but touring would necessitate a set of 10 to 12 four-plus minute songs, which I am ready to prepare with a month's notice.