Eindhoven, North Brabant, NLD

Music that seems to prefer the twilight over direct sunlight.


Wolfendale are a Dutch indie rock band from Eindhoven, composed of Sander Strick (vocals, guitar), Marc van den Boom (bass), Rudolf van Bree (drums), Tijn Berkelmans (guitar) and Remko Jansen (keys). Their sound has been categorized as brooding, melancholic and full of vocal harmonies. In their own words: "Music that seems to prefer the twilight over direct sunlight". The name was taken from British astronomer Sir Arnold Wolfendale.

In 2001 core members Sander Strick and Marc van den Boom met through a mutual interest in animation and film. They soon discovered they shared a musical connection as well and the two decided to make an album together. Their plan: transfer images into music, convert scenes into riffs and let stills segue into sounds. A recording studio (The Epic Centre) was set up inside an old office building once owned by Philips. Here the duo practiced a focused DIY mindset, from writing and recording to mixing and artwork. Their recordings feature collaborations with several guest musicians: Martin de Wagter (Frank Boeijen), Jan van Eerd (Spinvis) and Harmen de Bresser (ex-Roosbeef) to name a few.

In 2010 the first four songs were published on-line, generating an immediate interest from both the general public and booking agencies. Their first gigs, a club tour with singer/songwriter Blaudzun, resulted in a record deal with V2 Benelux.

Recently, the band contacted acclaimed mastering engineer Joe LaPorta (Foo Fighters, Fink, Vampire Weekend) from New York based mastering facility The Lodge, who mastered their debut album 'Foghorn'.



Foghorn (2011) V2 Benelux