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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Punk




"Best Punks, Wolf-face"

Hard to believe that a band made up of four musicians dressed in full Teen Wolf regalia (wolf masks and Beavers uniforms included), who’ve adopted corresponding stage personae and developed an entire mythology inspired by the 1985 Michael J. Fox film, would end up being so goddamn grrreat? The fast, raw, made-for-beer-swigging punk rock tunes are clever, too, enough to earn Wolf-Face a deal with Chicago-based label Mooster Records, which issued their full-lenth album Still A Son Of A Bitch late last year. The foursome maintains a ferociously nasty fun vibe in a live setting, too, with sweaty, high-octane balls-out performances that keep their devoted fans howling along all night long. wolf-face.bandcamp.com - Creative Loafing

"Razorcake Review: WOLF-FACE Self-titled CD-R EP"

WOLF-FACE: Self-titled: CD-R EP

At first, I thought this may have been a long lost demo of Tom Lyle (of G.I.’s) first band, Beaver. But it actually is a transfer of a release that used to be on cassette. This project seems to be the brainstorm of a mysterious figure named Michael J. Wolf. Mr. Wolf hails from the backwaters of Florida. Although it looks like this may be a four-piece, based on the number of ass cheeks displayed within the inside cover. I’m totally not kidding about that part. I love that the lyrics are included, since there seems to be some thought behind them. “Give Me a Keg of Beer” professes his love for the suds and blasts into your head like a beer bong that you couldn’t pull off. “Be a Man” discuss the Teen Wolf fascination in a little more depth. Sound-wise, I’m guessing some D4 and Dead Mechanical may have been on the stereo next to the empty pizza boxes and tall blondes (Miller Hi-Lifes). Solid hit out of the park gentlemen. Can’t wait for WF II! –Sean Koepenick (Self-released) - Razorcake

"Review: Still a Son of a Bitch"

Mooster Records
By Bobby Gorman

There’s a lot of bands out there biding for your attention; especially now with the advent of Garage Band and Bandcamp, it seems that everyone is recording and self releasing material. With so much noise, it’s hard to stand out in the sea of bands. I don’t know what it was that made me check out Wolf-Face, but I’m sure glad I did. Because before I knew that they always dressed up as basketball playing wolves, before I knew that every song was about the trials and tribulations of being a werewolf, before I knew anything at all about the band, I heard the opening verse to Love Me, Rub Me, Fuck Me Werewolf and I immediately messaged my friends: we’re seeing this band at The Fest.

While I never did see them at The Fest (which was a shame, because I would’ve loved to see their werewolf costumes), I still haven’t stopped listening to Still A Son Of A Bitch. There’s something undeniably alluring about Wolf-Face – it’s partly the gimmick and partly the sheer awesomeness of the music.

We’ll talk gimmick first and get that out of the way. Wolf-Face are werewolves, or so they claim. They go by names like Michael J. Wolf and Wolf Fart. They play countless clips from the 1985 cult classic Teen Wolf throughout the album and all the songs are, in one way or another, about turning into a wolf. It could get tiring but as far as concept albums go, this isn’t so bad. After all, it’s clear that they’re not taking themselves too seriously. They’re having fun, fucking around and so when they reference Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs, its smile worthy and not cringe worthy.

But more than the gimmick, the music is truly what pushes Still A Son of a Bitch forward. High-quality punk rock, Wolf-Face are the perfect small-stage Fest band. They channel Screeching Weasel in I Wanna Be A Homo(Sapian). It’s Elway if they were punkier, Nothington is they were poppier with a distinctive set of vocals that are both fresh and familiar, raw but with a pop-punk edge. Like a faster paced Red City Radio, or Off With Their Heads if they weren’t so depressed and from Florida instead of Minneapolis.

Hell, they even do a wicked cover of NoBunny‘s I Am A Girlfriend, giving it a fuller, punkier sound while keeping the creepy-factor. The Silence Of The Lamb pre-bridge sing along is just perfect; and, in fact, the cover becomes one of the album highlights).

Merge all this with fantastic call and response segments (Put Me In Coach, On Second Thought, Go Fuck Yourself), anticipation building introductions (She Swallows), some varied tempos (She’s In Heat But She Won’t Mate With Me and Tonight, Tonight) and some top-notch production quality, Wolf-Face stands above the sea of bands out there – and not just because they wear wolf costumes. - ThePunkSite.com

"Wolf-Face: Punk that's howlingly fun, and seriously good"

(Welcome to tbt*'s Ultimate Local Music Guide! All week we're spotlighting 10 of our favorite local artists of the past year. Today: Costumed punks Wolf-Face.)

You have to look past the wolf masks.

Granted, that’s easier said than done. Every member of Wolf-Face performs in werewolf masks and lemon-yellow nut-huggers, a la Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf. They each have silly lupine stage names — Michael J. Wolf, Rain Wolf, the Good Wolf and, um, Wolf Fart — that are hard to say with a straight face.

But despite a seemingly one-note gimmick, Wolf-Face have in the past year become one of Tampa Bay’s most unusual, intriguing and all-out fun bands, delivering silly but sharp old-school punk in an anything-goes live show that must be seen to be believed.

“Everything we do is very tongue in cheek, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously,” said founder, singer and guitarist Michael J. “We don’t take ourselves seriously, obviously. But it’s music that I would like to listen to, and it’s music that I like and get excited about, just like any other music. It can be fun and still be as good as serious, serious music.”
Adding cred to their stature is the fact that over the years, Wolf-Face’s members have played in popular local groups like Tres Bien, Guiltmaker and The Same. Michael J. and the Good Wolf used to be in a hardcore band called Next Season, who played exclusively songs about Star Wars. But Michael J. hadn’t been in a band since 2002, “and I hadn’t ever planned in being in a band again,” he said.

But years ago, he and a friend drunkenly joked about starting a band based on Teen Wolf. Last year, Michael J. made a few bedroom demos, and a friend offered him a gig. He recruited the Good Wolf and some musician friends to play live after hearing the demos. “Ten seconds into the first song, I was like, 'Cool, when’s practice?’” said Rain Wolf.

“All my other bands I’ve been in have always been so gung-ho and so serious: 'We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that,’" he continued. “A lot of times, that sucks all the fun out of it. This is just, 'Oh, we’re just gonna hang out, eat pizza and sing sogns about Teen Wolf.’”

And, yes, that’s all Wolf-Face does.

“Most bands I like have stupid lyrics anyway,” said Michael J. “I love the Misfits. Their lyrics are stupid. They’re about horror movies and stupid stuff. But they’re so awesome, still, and fun.”

The band played its first show last May, and ever since, more and more gigs have rolled in. They played the Antiwarpt Music Festival last summer and opened for national bands Guttermouth and Gringo Star, both of whom dug their act.

But their most shocking booking came in December, when Wolf-Face won a band battle — by only four votes, Michael J. says — for a prestigious slot opening 97X Next Big Thing in Vinoy Park, where Michael J. stripped to his dyed yellow skivvies for the band’s final song. While the band is grateful for the exposure (rimshot!), they’ve heard whispers that some of those involved in the contest weren’t thrilled that a “joke band,” as Rain Wolf put it, came away victorious.

“The other bands that were in that competition were trying very hard,” the Good Wolf said.

“And there were some that fit very well, that could easily be a regularly played 97X band,” added Michael J. “It was pretty clear they weren’t that happy with us.”

But those haters are in the minority. For the most part, the local music scene has been incredibly receptive to Wolf-Face. The band is organizing a small festival of punk and alternative bands called Burgatory on May 18 at the Local 662 and Fubar. They’re also in the process of recording a debut full-length album, which will be released by Chicago’s Mooster Records. And they’ve just been booked to play at the Fest, a massive fall punk festival in Gainesville.

After that? Who knows. None of them had any idea Wolf-Face would last this long in the first place. But they all agree the masks aren’t coming off anytime soon.

“I have heard somebody tell me, 'You guys are so good; why not get rid of the gimmick and just be a regular punk band?’” said Rain Wolf. “No, that’s not gonna happen.”

The only thing Michael J. is sure of: Wolf-Face never evolve into a Teen Wolf Too band.

“Have you seen Teen Wolf Too?” he asked.

Added Rain Wolf: “We have convictions.”

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt* - Tampa Bay Times

"TBT 97x Review and Photos"

Finally, contest winners Wolf-Face scored a victory for local punk weirdness, delivering fun-loving punk in full Teen Wolf regalia, including bright yellow tighty-whiteys. If these guys are Next, the future looks like a whole lot of fun.

-- Jay Cridlin, Tampa Bay Times - Tampa Bay Times

"Wolf-face Review"

The band has a truly unique music style, they sing songs about growing up as a werewolf! Yet, somehow the songs really are relative to normal life situations. Aside from the uniqueness of the band’s writing style, the band also has quality instrumental skills, awesome riffs and sectors that get the foot tapping. Vocally the band is great as well, the vocalist “Michael J. Wolf” has a very original sort of raspy sound to his voice.

Overall the sound of the band resembles that of an early style Punk Rock band, sharp guitar riffs, excellent instrumental sequences and original vocals. The band is really original, which is something the music scene has been lacking lately. If your interested in unique, quality music, then check these guys! - PunkReviews.net

"Maximum Rock n Roll Review: WOLF-FACE"

Anthemic guitar-driven adult punk. I don't like calling things Region Rock, because I'm not really sure exactly what that is, but I think it sounds like this. I prefer adult punk. I like to think this is Region Rock all grown up and and playing in a club with a stage instead of a dirt floor basement in Indiana. Lyrics are legitimately interesting, even with a song called "Pubes on my Face" in the mix. Definitely not my thing, but this is totally good and held my interest throughout. - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

"5 Antiwarpt Conflicts and How to Handle Them"

"Clearwater, Fla.’s Wolf-Face ... are a group of basketball uniform-wearing, wolf-faced (yes, it’s true) punks singing about being son’s of b***hes ... we’re gonna go ahead and say that you need to see the spectacle that is Wolf-Face. Have a listen to the absurdity..." - Suburban Apologist

"Wolf-Face: Self Titled EP"

Wolf-Face is a band out of St. Petersburg Florida, I received this CD in the mail a few months back and unfortunately it took me this long to get to review it. I have listened to this album more than once while driving in my car and at home, if you know me, you know that if I like a band I get stuck on them and play them over and over while driving in my car. Wolf-Face is one of those bands.

It could just be me, but Wolf-Face sounds like a fusion of Frank Black, Dough Boys, and for some reason old Goo Goo Dolls, remember the 1989 album titled Jed? I grew up listening to all these bands and whether trying to or not, Wolf-Face reminds me of them and makes me remember the days when music was actually good.

The album is self titled and great, and when listening to it, you can tell that the band is tight knit and has their shit together. The production is professional and in the end this album sounds as timeless as other hot albums from bands of decades gone by. I hope these guys come to town some day so I have a chance to check them out. - Florida Geek Scene

"Review / photos: Antiwarpt 2012 brings Mountain Goats, Florida's best bands to Central Avenue in St. Petersburg"

"...And everyone couldn’t get enough of Wolf-Face, whose members all dressed as Michael J. Fox’s character from Teen Wolf... They certainly made for the photo op of the night. Each member wore the same facial hair and old-school nut-huggers as Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf, and the result was maybe the most Warped of any Antiwarpt band. Playing songs like Pubes On My Face and Nobunny’s I Am a Girlfriend, Wolf-Face was sophomoric, shameless and stellar." - tbt*

"Artist of the day: Wolf-Face"

Wolf-Face is a quartet of wily lupines in their late 20s who perform deafening rock at a breakneck speed. Their music is highly topical. The topic: the 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf.

Wolf-Face dresses to the nines in full-on Teen Wolf regalia: Beavers basketball jerseys, sweatbands and prosthetic wolf face (with fuzz and snout, obviously).

They are the brainchild of “Michael J. Wolf," a pseudonymous songwriter who has a penchant for creating concept bands whose musical themes are pop culture based. Example: a previous musical endeavor, Next Season, wrote and performed songs whose subject material was exclusively based on the original Star Wars trilogy.

Wolf-Face is Michael J. Wolf, guitar and vocals; Rain-Wolf, guitar and background vocals; The Good Wolf, Bass; and Wolf-Fart, drums. The group performs with Room Full of Strangers, Alias Punch, the Mother Macine and Die Rebel Scum at 7 p.m. Friday at the Local 662, 662 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $8-$12.

I was invited to join them (sans The Good Wolf) at their secret wolf den. Here’s a glimpse of our evening together.

What is the origin of Wolf-Face?

Michael: A buddy of mine and I though up the concept of Wolf-Face years ago. I haven’t been in bands for a decade, but I was in a lot of bands over a decade ago. I wanted to record my own stuff. I hate writing lyrics, ’cause I can’t write lyrics well, so I said, “Let’s write all of our songs about the movie Teen Wolf.” Most of my favorite bands have stupid names anyway. So I ended up recording a six-song EP on my own. Some of them are literally about the movie Teen Wolf, whereas some are more, “What’s this guy experiencing behind the scenes?”

Rain-Wolf: Emotions behind the screen.

Michael: A couple of songs are dialogue from the movie Teen Wolf. There are other ones that are loosely based but definitely on topic.

Did you play all the instruments?

Michael: Yeah, that’s what we’re giving away and selling. I gave it to friends, and eventually, a buddy of mine offered me a show in May, so I put the band together, and now we’re a national band.

Neil Young is known for only recording during a full moon. Does Wolf-Face utilize similar rituals?

Michael: I would love to do that, but I have a couple cubs at home, I don’t have time to record only during a full moon. It’s a rad idea ... Really, our only ritual, so far, is drinking Jack Daniels before we play.

Rain-Wolf: And we turn into werewolves as our intro song. We’ve never played at a place that has a backstage, so we walk out the front door of the establishment, jump into the van and change.

Michael: When were setting up, we’re in a full white costume and it represents the purity of our hearts before the full moon. Once we’re set up and ready to rock, outside, the full moon arises and then we come in as the beasts you see on stage.

How do your female fans feel about Wolf-Face?

Rain-Wolf: How don’t they feel? (laughs)

Wolf-Fart: It’s fun to see everyone’s reactions wen we’re performing, especially since we’re behind those masks.

Michael: It’s probably cliché for a new band to say this, but the positive reaction from the whole thing has been unbelievable.

Rain-Wolf: There’s always an initial 15- to 20-second confused reaction where everybody turns to each other in the audience and seem to agree at once, “This is awesome.”

Wolf-Fart: We haven’t even mentioned the slideshow ... In addition to our attire and persona, there’s a slide show, I don’t even know how to begin to describe it.

Michael: We have a slide show, it’s like 20 seconds of slides, it’s just photographs of naked dudes with wolf heads superimposed over theirs.

Rain-Wolf: In various poses. ... Even if you don’t like the band, per se, you can at least find something to enjoy in the slideshow.
Michael: There’s gonna be eye candy somewhere.

Lately, in popular culture, there’s been a great focus on zombies and vampires. Do you, as werewolves, feel overlooked?

Michael: I was a teenage werewolf. Back then it was cool to be a teenage werewolf. You were pretty tough. These days, these vampires — they’re a bunch of wusses. Twilight stuff, those werewolves ... We like to keep it raw, keep it rough. We’re not in it for the chicks; we’re in it for the dudes.

Do you feel you have an advantage over other bands due to your extraordinary powers?

Michael: Yes

Do you feel it’s fair?

Wolf-Fart: We didn’t choose it.

Rain-Wolf: It’s not like, “Sorry, we all got lucky.” We found out we had the lycanthropic tendencies and came together.

Michael: One of these days we’re gonna prove to the audience that we can play as human beings and rock just as hard as the Wolf.

Does Wolf-Face have a message for the masses?

Wolf-Fart: Watch the f--- out.

-- Aaron Lepley, tbt*. Photo: Connor Hawkins - tbt*


Still working on that hot first release.



"If these guys are Next, the future looks like a whole lot of fun." – Jay Cridlin, Tampa Bay Times

Wolf-face has previously shared the stage with Andrew WK, Fun., Slick Rick, Minus The Bear, Off With Their Heads, Peelander Z, Grouplove, Twenty One Pilots, Gringo Star, and many more. 

On Oct. 21 2013 Wolf-face appeared on the nationally televised morning news program The Daily Buzz.

Wolf-face's music video for the song "I Wanna Be A Homo(Sapien)" has reached nearly 20,000 views on YouTube, and has been parodied by several artists. 

Throughout 2015 Wolf-face has written monthly barbecue reviews for Tampa Bay weekly paper Creative Loafing. 

Wolf-face performed at the 2015 Van's Warped Tour. 

In 2014 Wolf-face received the Best of the Bay award for "Best Local Punks" by Creative Loafing. 


Bio: In high school Michael J. Wolf made some serious waves when Hollywood decided to steal his life story of being a small town basketball playing werewolf and put it on the silver screen. Nowadays, Michael has found his groove rocking a hard pumping and infectious brand of hairy punk rock with his pack-mates Rain Wolf, Good Wolf, and Wolf Fart.



2012 - The Wolf-face EP

2013 - Still a Son of a Bitch LP

2014 - Split 7" record with Caffiends

2015 - Split 12" record with Teen Agers

Band Members