Oakland, California, USA
BandWorldHip Hop

My music is the world. Orisa, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues. A pure original sound, the new fresh exciting inspiring sound.


Passion, Spirit and Pain directly influence the melodic tunes of Multi talented Urban World Music artist WolfHawkJaguar.  His music stirs the soul with a mixture of Spirituality, raptured in the heart of Hip Hop, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues.  Currently residing in Oakland, the California native is a prolific musician who's latest creations, "Search For The Everlasting Coconut Tree" Film/Album and Prosperity Movement Album  are a fresh, inviting, exciting sound best described as, "Hauntingly Beautiful." WolfHawkJaguar  is  like no other, his music speaks for itself. Press play and believe


Hunter Poetry full length Album released July 10, 2012
Black Apes Project/Clear Label Records
Album Available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Set List

Set 1
Esu Intro
Nothing Else Seems to Mind
Ogun Heavy
Cleaning the Shrine
Every Breath of Life
Cowrie Shells