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Oakland, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Oakland, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Hip Hop




"My cousin Adimu Madyun aka Wolf Hawk Jaguar makes music & movies"

My cousin Adimu Madyun aka Wolf Hawk Jaguar makes music & movies , get into it..
The single is the first in a series of eight that the Compton native/Oakland resident plans to release monthly. Each music video will function as a sneak peek of the film “Hunter Poetry,” in which Madyun chronicles his spiritual journey to remove all doubt and self-hate. The choice to use hip-hop was a natural one for the rapper, as was the decision to create a film and star in it. He is a member of Hairdoo, the director and producer of the award winning documentary “Operation Small Axe” and has acted for television. These are his passions, these are his skills, these are his tools.

“I’m a griot,” he explains, noting the rich tradition of storytellers who moved from village to village spreading news and sharing lessons and traditions of their people. “In order to be able to do that, you had to be able to sing, you had to be able to act, you had to be able to teach, you had to be able to demonstrate in picture form, whatever, in order to get your message across. If I’m a griot and I’m a storyteller, I can’t limit myself.” - A Diamond Life (DJ Rashida)

"[Exclusive] WolfHawkJaguar Interview"

We had a chance to sit down exclusively with WolfHawkJaguar this week and talk about his career, aspirations, and…a little just about who he is. He currently resides in Oakland and is a California native. WolfHawkJaguar is a jack of all trades. He’s an amazing musicians, actors, as well as an award winning film maker. Check out our interview with him. Also, if you want to check him out live, he’ll be performing at ZoN26's Oasis Oakland this Friday. Get your tickets at http://zon26.me/wolfhawkjaguar for only $5!

Q: Where does your inspiration come from for you music?
A: The everyday ups and downs of life’s divine journey.

Q: What are some projects you are working on currently?
A: My first solo album/film Hunter Poetry.

Q: You’ve shared the stage with some great artists, which has been your favorite?
A: That’s so hard to choose from. But if I had to pick one, it’d be MXO from South Africa.

Q: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?
A: Old Negro Spirituals. Not the norm, but it was something I loved and has a passion for.

Q: Favorite place to perform in Oakland?
A: Honestly, in front of large excited crowds that love, appreciate and cellebrate my music. I love the energy from fans. So it doesn’t matter where it is, it’s all about who’s there.

Q: How would you describe your music?
A: American Roots Music.

Q: Favorite food?
A: Fish and Bread. haha. That’s right!

Q: If you could perform with any artist in time, who would it be?
A: Tiger from Jamaica.

Q: I see you’ve done film work, how was that compared to recording music?
A: I make my movies like Im doing music. I do my music like im making a movie.

Q: SF giants or Oakland A’s?
A: Town Business (Oakland A’s). No one else. - blog.inthezon.com

"WolfHawkJaguar “Throw The Rope”"

Orisha inspired Oakland, CA resider Adimu Madyun a.k.a. WolfHawkJaguar will release Hunters Poetry soon, and has tossed us a stellar video for the first single, “Throw The Rope.” The song is inspired by Madyun reaching higher ground through a seven year practice with a powerful diviner of Esu at the Corner House in Oakland. During this time Madyun reconnects to his ancestors and transcends the African history of slave masters and oppressors. Quoting Madyun, “Once you know the truth and worth of your root, separation and alienation can no longer occur, all that’s left to do… ‘Throw The Rope.’” Get intrigued by the video above! - okayafrica.com

"WolfHawkJaguar Live on KPFA Berkeley Ca"

Radio Interview on KPFA 94.1 Berkeley Ca. WolfHawkJaguar Starts @ 35min 12sec - 94.1KPFA Berkeley Ca

"WolfHawkJaguar Live on KPFA Berkeley Ca"

Radio Interview on KPFA 94.1 Berkeley Ca. WolfHawkJaguar Starts @ 35min 12sec - 94.1KPFA Berkeley Ca

"Article on my award winning film Operation Small Axe"

Article on my award winning film Operation Small Axe - Bay View

"Article on my new music/film project Hunter Poetry"

Article on my new music/film project Hunter Poetry - Oakland Local

"Article on my new music/film project Hunter Poetry"

Article on my new music/film project Hunter Poetry - Oakland Local

"Oakland man becomes unlikely activist after Oscar Grant's death"

Article I wrote for Oakland Tribune - Oakland Tribune

"WolfHawkJaguar:"ESU on The Left" - pure ear-candy that reaches right down to the soul!"

Multi-talented Urban World Music artist WolfHawkJaguar’s music stirs the soul with a mixture of Spirituality, raptured in the heart of Hip Hop, Reggae, and Rhythm & Blues. Currently residing in Oakland, the California native is a prolific musician, actor and award winning film maker.In 2013 Adimu Madyun aka WolfHawkJaguar, was invited to perform at the 10th annual Orisa World Congress in Ile Ife Nigeria. A camera crew followed him on the journey to document his adventure. What came out is the magical film, “Search for The Everlasting Coconut Tree.”

Subsequently, WolfHawkJaguar has released various songs and video clips, drawing from the film. After the release of the tracks and visual clips for “Living Wealthy” and “Borderline”, along comes the third musical chapter, entitled, “ESU on The Left”.

There’s only one word to describe it and that is: WOW! In this beautifully made single, WolfHawkJaguar brings us a whole new musical world. He inspires our much gentler side and allows us to take on a whole new approach to music and spirituality. He redefines the basic world-music groove, adding a dimension of spirituality which is extremely tangible from the opening bars of “ESU on The Left”.
This track is a quite unique composition for our ears, yet vaguely familiar to our souls right from the very first listen. Here WolfHawkJaguar adds a polished up melody along with a beautiful ambient background accompaniment, tight intricate and captivating cross-rhythms on percussion, and a steady bassline, not to mention the lovely emotional mix of low and high voices.

It is very beautiful and relaxing but yet remains a deeply emotional experience, as with all of WolfHawkJaguar tracks. He uses rhythmic structures and melodic textures that are complex but appear simple to the non-trained ear, making the track so amazingly catchy you will want to have it on constant replay, as you sing-along to the lyrics:

“Open up and let The Most High come through, Come through us, Come through me, Come through you, Bless it!!, Bless It!!”

Elegant and passionate, WolfHawkJaguar delivers his uplifting lyrics in a graceful emotive voice that moves in tuneful whispers and spoken words, resulting in pure ear-candy that reaches right down to the soul. The melody, sounds and rhythms, layered throughout this musical piece, bring you in and transport you on a musical journey that WolfHawkJaguar has prepared long before, from the outset of his personal quest – which is to take people ‘from the life they know, to the life they want’.

And if that sounds too deep for you, then just stick to the music and video for “ESU on The Left”, which by itself, will make you feel you have finally found that something you had been searching for! - JamSphere

"Prosperity Movement-Nonstop good vibes and awesome jams"

Prosperity Movement is an artful compilation of Reggae-Urban World fusion a beautifully crafted by a collaboration of solo artists WolfHawkJaguar and Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri, and features five lyrical compilations that fuse Reggae with Urban World Culture, Orisa, Hip Hop, and Rhythm and Blues.

prosperity-movement-collectiveThis collective is simply stellar. I don’t even care if it sounds like I am on their jock, because I am. They are arguably the best independent, feel-good, world music fusion band today. The sound of their music and the effort to make some good, positive lyrics (which is noticeably absent in a lot of other current outfits), not to mention their ability to rock the house, make them simply awesome. It’s been years since I have seen a band put out 5 different blends of styles on one EP with such uplifting confidence.

WolfHawkJaguar and Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri obviously have a vision and they are nailing it. “Ile” and “Sounds of My Heart” are instant adrenalin-pumping classics. “House of the Rising Sun” will also put a smile on your face. I like that they thought big on this one and created these different styles. If you feel down or need some motivation pop in “Real Africans” or “Movement” and you will feel better in no time. This is power music for your soul with good vibes and great inspiration.

The collective of WolfHawkJaguar and Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri is one of those acts that just hit you straight away. They write great music with positive lyrics that can help you get through tough times. This is no nonsense music – nonstop good vibes and awesome jams. It is super refreshing. Almost like a sip of cool water. As with his previous releases, you can always count on WolfHawkJaguar to bring quality and conviction to anything he does, and Prosperity Movement is no exception.

prosperity-movement-coverSeriously, this is a beautiful EP. Every track has something unique and captivating about it. It’s catchy, flows well and has amazing vocals and melodies. Musically and lyrically, it gives you a lot – a tremendous work which draws on all WolfHawkJaguar and Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri’s best-executed styles. Not to be missed!

More About: Prosperity Movement is also record label created by a talented group of individuals in Oakland Ca. to develop, promote and distribute their brand of Urban World Music. Prosperity Movement will launch (Eat, Drink & Prosper) a California tour starting @ Kingston 11 cuisine on October 29, 2015. On Nov 7, they will travel to Los Angles for two shows at Veda Mela Yoga Festival. They will finish up @ Bissap Baobob Senegalese Reasturant. They will be joined by vocalist Rashida Chase and Grammy nominated vocalist Dr. Lynne Morrow, DJ Kobie and percussionist Kele Nitoto. - independent music news24


Hunter Poetry full length Album released July 10, 2012
Black Apes Project/Clear Label Records
Album Available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.



Passion, Spirit and Pain directly influence the melodic tunes of Multi talented Urban World Music artist WolfHawkJaguar.  His music stirs the soul with a mixture of Spirituality, raptured in the heart of Hip Hop, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues.  Currently residing in Oakland, the California native is a prolific musician who's latest creations, "Search For The Everlasting Coconut Tree" Film/Album and Prosperity Movement Album  are a fresh, inviting, exciting sound best described as, "Hauntingly Beautiful." WolfHawkJaguar  is  like no other, his music speaks for itself. Press play and believe

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