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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Band Alternative Rock


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Teaser Album 2011
Wolfheart EP 2012 (Coming March 2012)



It starts the moment we enter this world.
Society- first as our parents, friends, and peers, then as the media, our teachers, and our bosses at work- already has plans for us. We must fit into the social design of past generations. We are pushed into this mold until we don't know our true selves. Eventually, we reach a tipping point and something must change. Wolfheart is born of the need to find the animal within, the other side of yourself that has been buried under the weight of society, and unleashing it.

Wolfheart is the result of a convergence of three animal souls; Charlene Birkbeck, Aidan Logins, and Alex Campbell.

Front-Woman Char was at that tipping point after graduating from the Jazz music program at Hamilton's Mohawk college in 2004. Feeling lost from the demands of school and city life, she took a leap of faith. With the few dollars she had, she bought a one-way ticket to Victoria BC to escape the place that was suffocating her wolf heart. She needed change, and change is what she found. In 2006, Char began working intensely as a solo artist, releasing her debut record "Blame it on the Moon", and touring Canada in 2008. Wanting to focus on a bolder side of her art, she spent three years exploring many genres of music, tapping into different parts of her self.
When long time friend and bassist, Aidan Logins, heard Char was putting together a project playing her original music, he was quick to jump on board. As a fan of her solo performances, he was thrilled at the chance to play with her. Alex Campbell, Aidan's band mate from their rock group, Cole Grifter, had been a fill-in drummer with Char's blues cover band, Mojo Hand. Alex was already an accomplished performer, but Char's songs brought out an intensity in him. All three musicians were eager to work with each other, and before long the trio was deep in rehearsals. From the first time they played as a group, the songs began to take on a new sound; a new soul. They came to life.

Wolfheart has a focus on what matters; the expression of the true self.
They seek to tear down the walls that we all build in our hearts- to free the wolves.