Wolf in the Fold

Wolf in the Fold

 Dade City, Florida, USA

Wolf if the Fold writes with a thoughtful organic simplicity, and ought to be listened to while driving through the country at dusk with the windows down.


We've all been friends for years and years. Mostly we listen to Bill Evans, Chet Baker, Blossom Dearie, Miles Davis, Mendelssohn, and Dino, but of course being young men we enjoy dirty rap music and rock and roll when the opportunities present themselves.

We try to live with depth, substance, and sincerity, pursuing the inarticulate movements of the very bottom of a person which we all have in common, but hardly ever acknowledge or express.

We dislike questions to the effect of 'What sets you apart from other bands?'

We live in the country north of Tampa, playing for free and whenever we are asked if our schedules permit.

We made this profile because none of us have ever been able to afford to travel out of the country and mostly because Andy has been reading everything by Kipling and believes that Fate more or less sent him the e-mail about the chance at India.



Written By: Andy Faza

Well I was sitting pretty with the Angel of Death,
Could see decay on her skin, could see the frost on her breath.
And I said, 'Would you like to come in?'

She said 'I don't get offered conversation much in my line of work,
and I guess a glass of whiskey or two wouldn't hurt.'
So she sat with her chin in her hands.

She said, 'Oh.'

I said, 'you're drinking pretty hard,'
She said, 'I'm lonely as Sin,'
and then she shook her head and said 'But I would hate to be him,'
and I laughed while she emptied her glass.

I asked her if she knew him close and she said,
'That's quite a tale, and if you hit me again I would be happy to tell,'
and I said, 'Well, that sounds like a plan.'

She said,' Oh.'

The breeze was blowing through the checkered curtains and the crickets they sang,
the sun was setting through the window, it was a beautiful thing
so we sat, and took it all in.

I said, 'well disregarding all the things you've done in the past,
you're just a weary working girl wearing a yellow sundress.'
And she said, 'Yea, that's pretty much all I am.'

She said, 'Oh.'


The Fall, 2009.

Set List

An hour's worth of originals, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Feist covers.