"The missing link between Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan" Pete Wallace - NPR "Creative and crafted guitar playing, Wolf is a true innovator in the contemporary Blues style" Amy Goodman - Soho trib.


Canadian born Wolf Mail started playing guitar at the tender age of 10. “I would sneak up and wait for my parents to leave the house and listen to Elmore James and Ray Charles records for hours” he recalls.

He did his first gig at 14 and ran away from home at 17 to tour with his own band. Later on that year he met with Detroit guitarist Ted Nugent and spent some time on the road with him. Meeting Ted was very influential for Wolf as he decided to relocate to California shortly after to pursuit his musical career. “Suddenly I was travelling with an international act, and everything that comes with it, it really gave me a clear idea of what I wanted to do and also what it was going to take to get there”

In California, Mail got the attention of a few other characters. After a jam session at the famous Troubadour in Los Angeles with Randy Castillo and local legends Hans Naughty, he was asked to meet up with Ozzy Osbourne for another jam session. “I did not know who Randy was, so when he said that his band was looking for a guitar player I simply gave him my number...” I was blown away when he called home and told me what the deal was”.

Wolf was also approached by Billy Idol, which at the time was looking for another young eccentric guitarist to replace Steve Stevens. Mail also kindly declined an offer from Cher as her touring guitarist, when she requested that he dyed his hair blond…”

“I always knew my heart and soul was tied to the Blues and from that point on, I decided to do my own thing and started to tour anywhere and everywhere that I could”

After thirteen some years performing the local Southern California scene from San Diego all the way to Eureka, he landed a slot as opening act for Robben Ford in Europe as well as doing his own tour.

His first album “Solid Ground” was recorded in 2001, in Burbank, CA via ZKS records and produced by BB ”Chung” King. Although getting moderate response in the US and Europe, years of incessant touring finally paid off when the CD spent 3 weeks in the Japanese top 10 best selling Blues/country charts (May 2005).

In 2003, Wolf was invited to tour Australia, a live recording “Live! Live! Live!” was released independently, getting tremendous response from the fans.

“Blue Fix’ followed up in 2004. Mail always felt that this record could have gotten more attention. “We started pre production in L.A with BB and the Steve Miller Band rhythm section” Due to touring commitments I had to finish the recording in the South of France between two tours. Time was limited and there were some stress factors.

In 2006 he was invited to tour Russia with Arsen Shomakhov, and returned the favor by having Arsen on his European tour. The collaboration was successful and opened doors for both artists.

By 2006, Wolf had performed close to 3000 concerts and was now successfully touring four continents on a yearly basis, clocking in over 200 gigs in the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia and Russia, establishing himself as one of North America’s most outstanding stage performers and compelling Blues artist on the scene.



At the present time his music is getting radio airplay in over 1500 stations worldwide. He has also built a strong and reliable core fan base approaching the 5000 mark.

His Myspace page gets an average of 15,000 visitors per month with close to a quarter million hits in the last 15 months.

In the last 6 months his 4 videos posted on Youtube received over 100,000 unique viewers.

Mail that has been described by NPR in Memphis, USA as “The missing link between Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan” has a very clean, powerful and yet intense guitar style.Tony Jaggers has said “Words simply cannot describe the intensity and clarity that come out of this man’s guitar”. Wolf’s playing is concentrated with no waste, as the London times recalls “Wringing emotions out of every note and making each one counts”.

A new live album and DVD “Live blues in red square” (Recorded in Moscow, Russia Dec 2007) are set for release in late 2008.

Mail is endorsed by Washburn and Greg Bennett/Samick guitars, with a Wolf Mail signature on its way, as well as Dean Markley Strings, and Carvin amplifiers.


Title: Live Blues in red square (DVD)
Release date: Oct 01, 2008
© 2008 Nazarene way, Zks records.
Recorded live at the Jazz town Theater in Moscow, Russia. Features Russian Blues master Arsen Shomakhov
Title: Live Blues in red square (CD)
Release date : Sept 10, 2008
© 2007 Nazarene way, Zks records.
Title: Blue Fix
Release date: Sept 10, 2005
© 2005 Nazarene way, Zks/EMI records.

Recorded in june and december 2004, "Blue Fix" has 10 brand new tracks featuring Gary Mallaber & Gerald Johnson from the Steve Miller Band, Marty Grebbs from Double trouble, Niko Sarran, Pierre Cordier, Poppa Chubby's Mike Latrell, and a special guest appearance by Australia's R&B diva Tony Mott.
Title: Solid Ground(Japanese import)
Released: June 24, 2005 (Japan only)
© 2004 BSMF/ Zks records.

The original "Solid ground" CD spent 3 weeks in the top 10 Japanese best blues/country chart . After overwhelming demand we decided to release this special edition with one extra bonus track.
Title: Live!Live!Live!
Released: December, 2004
© 2004 Nazarene way / Zks records.

Recorded during the 2004/2005 "Solid Ground" world tour, with performances from Europe and Australia. Bas Khoury and Pat Hopkins are the rhythym section for the Australian tour, Niko Sarran and Pierre Cordier cover the European tour.
Title: Solid Ground
Released: June 17, 2002
© 2001 Nazarene way / Zks records.
Wolf Mail's first solo release. Features 8 original songs and 2 tracks co-written with Blues legend Don Julio
Also features Steve Mc Cormack from the Jeff Healey band, Dave Mason's Greg Babcock, Tracy Arrington formerly with John Lee Hooker and Eric Clapton's back up vocalist Patti Rich.

Set List

Shake 'em up
So fine
Love breaking shuffle
Honey hush
Nov 27 Blues/The sky's crying
Coming to you
Countryside Blues
100 Years
Slow down
Blue rose
We the people
Old time used to be
Rainbow bird blues
Talk to me
Solid ground
Going down