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David Wolfs Robe will be performing two concerts in the Devils Tower Amphitheatre on Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9 at 8:00 p.m. Wolfs Robe will also give presentations about the Native American flute at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 9 in the Devils Tower Visitor Center area.

David Wolfs Robe is an accomplished artist, flute maker, performer and recording artist, offering a unique glimpse into the evolution of Native American arts and music. With every artistic endeavor, his passion for self-expression, his celebration of his Native American heritage, and his spiritual reverence are richly and colorfully illustrated. Wolfs Robe began hand crafting his beautiful one-of-a-kind flutes in 1984 as an apprentice to an experienced flute maker. Since that time, Wolfs Robe has developed his own distinctive way of constructing flutes. Performing Native American style flute music and recording are a natural transition and progression for Wolfs Robe. "Learning to play the flutes is a must for a flute maker. Each flute has its own voice and each song is about my own journey." Wolfs Robe beckons his audiences to journey with him listening with their hearts.
- National Park Service

"In the Spotlight"

Wolfs Robe is a great guy, a gifted musician, and a generous teacher. He plays from the heart, and his music shows it. He's about to release his fourth album, and we can't wait to hear it. Here's David Wolfs Robe aka Flute Man in his own words:

"I like to think of myself as a Musician Preservationist. I look at it this way, I was given a gift of the Native American flute from it's traditions to it's construction and finally it's Legacy. I carry a key ...an important one, just like many of us and when we put all of those keys together they open doors, for everyone especially our young people who are Our Legacy!" - Native Radio. Com


With Sacred Breath , Turtle Island & Visions of a Past. If you wish to listen please go to www.//akafluteman.com you can also catch Flute Man’s music on www.//nativeradio.com



His music is composed and inspired by nature and the Spirit that surrounds him, from the days of long ago to present day "We hear the echo’s of time", says Wolfs Robe, within the haunting sounds of various Native American wood flutes and even more ancient bone and river cane flutes, Wolfs Robe takes listeners on a magical journey where they are sure to find that tranquil spot within the depths of themselves.
Wolfs Robe always begins with an explanation of the song so that it brings to life what listeners are hearing. The origin of the song is very important. Says Wolfs Robe, each song is composed in the moment and the Spirit that each song takes on is a reflection of the surroundings. "It becomes more than just solo flute music inspired by our natural world. It is part of one's personal life and the human interest of the journey or music to live by".
Wolfs Robe performs Native American style flute music that celebrates tradition and the reverence for the earth. Performing on Native American style flutes, his repertoire is deeply respectful of the Legacy of his ancestors. Influenced by many other Native American flute performers, his performances of original compositions and traditional music weave delicate melodies into the landscape with improvisation and the sounds of nature.
Wolfs Robe’s work was showcased in the National Parks service 2006 DVD on “Devils Tower Americas first National Monument” also in the 2005 DVD “The Early History of the Illinois Indians” documentary. Wolfs Robe has been blessed to perform in such places as the Grand Canyon National Park AZ, Devils Tower national Monument WY and Badlands National Park SD. Wolfs Robe has also had the privilege of performing for many dignitaries from around the World.
Wolfs Robe Whose background is Native American, German and Scottish was born in Park Hills Oklahoma in 1966 and when he was five was adopted by a non-Native family , since then has re connected with his people and has grown to love his Native American culture Shawnee/Cherokee, Wolfs Robe states “I admire them for there strength , courage and resilience”. In 1984 Wolfs Robe was taught the art of flute making by a fourth generation Native flute maker and in 1996 he stepped out on stage for the first time as a flute performer leaving the days of a flute maker behind. Wolfs Robe was becoming a known Native American flute performer and Educator as he started traveling about playing his beautiful flutes and teaching people of its History. In 2000 Wolfs Robe recorded his first CD and at the time could be heard on many Public radio stations around the Country, since that time Wolfs Robe has grown in experience and knowledge. Wolfs Robe now has 4 recordings under his belt and is a possible Native American Music Award nominee for the 2008 NAMA’s. Wolfs Robe stands proud of his accomplishments but is quick to point out that he did not get this far on his own. Wolfs Robe and his Manager Terry Booher together in 2006 formed “Flute Man Productions LLC to professionally organize and promote Wolfs Robe’s massive amount of Educational programs and solo performances. Wolfs Robe’s work is internationally distributed and widely reviewed.
With his strong feelings of respecting Native American traditional ways Wolfs Robe continues to create traditional style flute music that he brings into the hear and now and involves aspects of meditation, nature, improvisation, and tradition. Wolfs Robe says “the sound of the Native American flute can not be explained in words it is an instrument that must be heard and felt to be truly appreciated”.
Wolfs Robes first influence to perform publicly was when he attended a concert in 2000 with two of his flute hero’s “Keith Bear and Andrew Vasquez” and he was introduced to them both through a friend , Wolfs Robe remembers talking to Keith Bear and telling him that he would like to perform in front of people like they did, and Per Wolfs Robe Keith said to him “ so what is stopping you? , and with that so his career as a Native American style flute performer and Educator started. . As a result of his undying respect for Native American traditional ways and his own ancestral connections, Wolfs Robe has a unique and distinct style that has furthered the Native American flute beyond time while keeping its History intact.
This ongoing Love for Native American flute music and its mysteries of sound are closely linked to nature and Mother Earth. He has performed extensively throughout the United States. His passion for creating original compositions (FROM THE HEART) is inspired by directly experiencing the beauty of nature and the people he encounters during his travels. Wolfs Robe performs in a solo lecture/performance; Wolfs Robe’s music weaves delicate melodies into a landscape with