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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Band Hip Hop New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




There she is. You see her from across the bar. Her long golden hair whips as she twirls with excitement and self-gratification. She moves effortlessly in her heels. Her big, blue eyes catch a beam of the stage lights and you could swear the twinkle is directed at you. As she moves, you follow the luscious curves of her body – from the gentile indents of her neck, to her Penelope Cruz-like hips, to her legs that stretch on for days. There’s one problem though… you can’t bust a move and she’s not interested unless you can. I mean, for fuck’s sake! It’s not like relationships are based on dancing. You know this and have perfected the art of conversation. Sadly, in this situation, it does you no good. You resort to remaining on the sidelines while you watch a Cuban with intense latin fire take over. Game over. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position, Wolfwolf wrote “Must You Dance?” for you. - live for the funk

"Twice the Howl."

Born into the depths of an electronic funk era, Wolfwolf stamped a pretty crazy impression on me the first time I caught him live. Recreating the music of the 80's with an upbeat, positive modern twist, he puts his classically trained background to good use, giving off a classy and unforgettable presence at his live showings. Having explored the depths of timeless instruments like the violin, trumpet and trombone, and also dabbled in nu-wave creation via his love of turntables, it shouldn’t of come as any surprise that he’s one of the most unique artists I’ve witnessed in a live setting.
This diverse and eclectic taste has resulted in the very same live show I was privileged to witness a few weeks ago. A guy, previously unknown to me, jumped up on stage with a cool custom made wolf mask on, completely contradictory to the clean cut dinner suit he was wearing. He proceeded to bash out some amazing original and remix work via a MicroKORG XL, MDP Midi Controller, twin set of V-Drum pads and a sweet ass Macbook Pro. The following half an hour was a journey between energetic synth driven disco and straight up catchy breaks – with the set impressing everyone in the venue (check the video below). At the conclusion of his time in the spotlight, he left ears wanting more, and not just mine. Luckily for all, more was on it’s way.On June 1st, the savvy Brisbane based artist utilised modern day media and enabled his debut album ‘Happy Heart Breaks’ to be downloaded free via his website (pending a email sign up). It’s everything anyone who had any idea could of hoped for. I had the chance for a few quick words with the man himself. Check the text and the tracks and throw him a shout out on his Facebook or official Website (by clicking the links). Enjoy!

8. Your Move by Wolfwolf Music

Wolfwolf on making the album…
“A lot easier than I thought it would be, it all came together really naturally and it really was the right time for me to be working on the album. I was going through a break-up and the music really made me feel good and brought light to my day, hence the name “Happy Heart Breaks”. It was a long work in progress but after a year or two of production work, it all came together in a month or two after deciding which tracks to continue working on. The album was mostly made using Acid Pro 7.0 with a MicrKORG XL but also used Ableton for a few tracks too with a few random vst synths”

Wolfwolf on his influences…
“I am a long time record collector and I always had a fascination with 1980's electro-funk, always made me want to dance and I’d always drop it at parties. People like Raydio ALWAYS gets the party jumpin (go youtube him now!). After being through crates and crates of this music, I really wanted to work on a hiphop-funk type album similar to that of “Low Budget” from Melbourne, but after finding artists like Dam-Funk, Onra and a few others, I realised I could make it a solo project and concentrate purely on the instrumental side of things. Wolfwolf was then created!”

Wolfwolf on his plans for the future…
“Doing some hardcore touring and getting the live show to a standard that people talk about it for the next decade, I’ve also been doing remixes for bands, I really want to keep doing this and incorporate some other styles of music I make into Wolfwolf, such as Dubstep, Hiphop, Drum’n'Bass and turn myself into a one man party machine. I’ll always continue to release free music and have no real goal to sell music. As long as people continue to download and love what I do, I don’t care if its 10 people or 10,000, as long as I’m reaching out to people and evoking emotion from my music, LETS PARTY!” - We Are Your FriendsWe Are Your Friends


Still working on that hot first release.



Born into the depths of an electronic funk era, the phenomenon that is Wolfwolf (26yrs old) recreates the music of the 1980’s with an upbeat and positive modern twist. A longterm musician, Wolfwolf started his musical journey infront of a piano at the ripe young age of 3 years old. Classically trained, he explored and conquered several instruments including the Violin, Trumpet, Trombone, Drums and Guitar before later moving onto more modern movements such as turntablism. After producing and releasing several highly successful albums under a different alias, Wolfwolf has come through bringing the funk back! With influences coming from 1980s groups like Chimere and Hot Streak mixed with more modern producers such as Onra, Dam-Funk, Oddissee and Machine Drum, his style of music can only be described as futuristic funk.

With the release of the Happy Heart Breaks LP (1st June 2011), Wolfwolf has stepped up his live performance to become one of the most lively and entertaining acts in the music industry today. His stage appearance is classy yet unforgettable with a custom-made leather mask and full dinner suit. His instruments of choice include a MicroKORG XL, MPD Midi Controller, a twin set of V-Drum pads and a Macbook Pro giving Wolfwolf a huge soundscape when recreating his music in a live atmosphere. Whilst being a very visually pleasing performance the sexy undertones of the music will get even your grandma shaking her booty on the dancefloor. Touring is the aim of the future for Wolfwolf, with a very compact set of instruments/gadgets and being a solo act, the world is now ready for the marvel that is Wolfwolf.