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Wolfy is the next indie band you'll see selling out huge stadiums like only U2 and Coldplay could. How many bands do you know that have opened for the Goo Goo Dolls? One, now. "Twirl"-could it possibly be a Death Cab For Cutie b-side? We smell the sound from the bells, strings, and piano you love to hear from an orchestra. But this sound is all their own. It's unique, symphonic, catchy, and big. And it's coming for your ears. Precisely, it's coming from Indianapolis. Lead vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Greg "Wolfy" Johnson, bassist/vocalist Josh Hedges, and drummer Matt Wilson are the kind of band you day-dream of hearing. The kind that puts your head in the clouds;makes you feel weightless. For that feeling you've been waiting for, you can get their song "Crystal" as a ringtone or join their Facebook group. -Martina - 6 Up Front (http://www.myspace.com/sixupfront)

Wolfy is one of the most entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable trios in Indianapolis. I recommend picking up their CD right away. It's better than half the national discs I bought this year. - Barfly

"Wow! This weekend's band is AMAZING! I cannot believe that I've never heard about them before. Wolfy is an Indie/Pop band from Indy, with incredible commercial radio potential." -Kelly McKay, DJ for WZPL 99.5 Indianapolis - WZPL Radio


Indianapolis-based Wolfy’s 2006 EP release, Bel Canto, gave promise of big things to come from this group. It’s piano-driven rock sound combined with strings and great vocals provided a high point for that years releases on the local scene. Now, with the release of Saint Emillion, their first full-length, Wolfy shows that Bel Canto was no flash in the pan. The group, comprised of Greg “Wolfy” Johnson on piano, synths, and vocals, Josh Hedges on bass and vocals, and Matt Wilson on drums, yields a surprisingly full and rich sound for having only three main members. This is due not only to their own instrumental prowess, but also due to their continued use of a full string section, including multiple violins, viola, cello, and contrabass (not to mention a full vocal chorale on the album’s closer). The result is a record full of rich textures, driving beats, and, most notably, Johnson’s gorgeous, almost androgynous vocals and harmonies. Saint-Emillion’s opener, “Stars,” finds their standard piano, bass, and drums grounding surrounded by keyboard and synth washes, all tied to a string of beautiful melodies that encompass all parts of the song, be it verse, bridge, chorus, or middle eight. Fantastic harmonies end up driving the nicely textured chorus to a grand conclusion. “Perfume and Lace” follows, with piano and a stuttery drum beat laying the foundation for another outstanding melodic vocal from Johnson. Dynamic orchestration provides further dramatic texture. “Why Don’t You Understand” uses a percolating synth and pounding tom-toms to provide a subtle change-up in sound. This is followed by the title track, which contains just a few repeated vocal lines that gain their power from the strength of Johnson’s voice and the melody he has written. Indeed, if it seems this reviewer keeps coming back to the words “vocals” and “melody” it is simply because Johnson and his band know this is their strength and use all available means (including the aforementioned strings) to bring these elements to the fore. Sounding at times like Coldplay, at other times like Sigur Ros, Saint-Emillion never lets up on projecting a melodic intensity that is completely riveting, and Johnson’s voice is certainly among the finest currently gracing our fair city. - Broad Ripple Gazette


Bel Canto EP - 2006
Saint-Émilion - 2008



Lush string arrangements; a flare for the exotic; a symphonic scope. These are elements most would not expect could be paired with hook-driven piano rock - most, except for Wolfy.

Wolfy exhibits a refined quality that is uniquely mature, especially given their relatively short time together. The original songs in their quickly growing repertoire are solid examples of catchy pop hooks and strong musical craftsmanship. To an already rocking sound comprised of crashing keys, in-the-pocket bass and driving drums, Wolfy adds flourishing strings, sweeping synthscapes and dulcet vocal melodies to round it all out. This small trio has a really big sound.

First glance comparisons to the piano-driven rock of Coldplay, the sweet melodic sensibility of Keane, and the solid basslines of U2 abound - yet nevertheless, Wolfy demonstrates a creative and developed sound that is entirely their own.