WOLGEMUT (an ancient German word for being "in a good mood") plays Historic World Music on original instruments. medieval bagpipes, lots of drums, flutes, fiddles and harps and voice. Wolgemut shows are full of fun and energy. It's early music with an attitude which leaves the audience Wolgemut!


Wolgemut (vol-guh-moot): an ancient germanic word which simply means, "to be in a good mood". Wolgemut is also the name of our very unique minstrel’s troupe which believes that the goal of every performance is to leave the audience in a good mood! The name says it all!

Fun, humor and endless amounts of energy are the essentials of a Wolgemut performance. Music, dance and comedy fused with a generous amount of “wolgemutness” turns every Wolgemut show into a high powered event; a Renaissance Rock concert!

Founded in Berlin, Germany, Wolgemut has performed our unique style of historical and traditional music on original instruments throughout the United States and Europe since 1997.

Recent performances in the United States include concerts throughout the Southwest and Hawaii as well as performances at the Southern California Pleasure Faire, Sterling Renaissance Festival (New York), Texas Renaissance Festival and the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Music venues include small clubs as well as music festivals, most recently a performance at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Wolgemut has also performed at many venues in Europe including the Stockholm Music Festival, The Visby Medieval Week (Gotland, Sweden), the International Medieval Theatre Festival (Camerino, Italy), the Hansa Festival (Hamburg, Germany) and the Rencontres de Saint-Chartier (Saint-Chartier, France).

"Historic World Music" is the term used to describe the distinctive Wolgemut sound which is a synthesis of "inspiration" and "imagination".

The musical inspiration comes from a variety of historical and traditional sources, such as: 12th c. Latin songs of the Goliards, 13th c. Spanish "cantigas", 14th c. Italian court dances, German "minnelied", 16th c. French dances and rollicking English country dances of the 17th c.

Wolgemut also uses some traditional material from various European countries such as folk songs and dances from Sweden, France, Germany as well as from the Balkan countries. Original compositions written by and for the group may also be heard during a Wolgemut performance.

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Wolgemut has released several CDs and our music has been featured in several independent films and theater productions.

Our discography includes:

1. "Schauspiluden" (released in 1997)
2. "Schauspiluden II" (released in 1998)
3. "danza" (released in 2002)
4. "Tempus Saltandi" (released in 2003)
5. "Momento" (released in 2005)
6. "Wolgemut Live" (Limited release in 2007)
7. "Pipes, Phyfe & Drums" (Limited release in 2010)

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Set List

Wolgemut performs a variety of sets; lengths vary from 30 minutes to a two hour concert.

A typical 30 minute set includes 4-5 songs played on loud bagpipes and drums.

A standard concert set starts loud, moves to softer instruments and then ends with loud instruments.

Some of our standard tunes used in our sets include:

• Brawl Burgund (16th century French dance tune)
• Cantiga 119 (13th century Spanish song)
• Chanconetta Tedesca (14th century Italian dance tune)
• Saltarello (14th century Italian dance tune)
• Tourdion (Late 15th century French dance tune)
• Ungareska (16th century dance tune)
• Dance of the Green Man (Traditional German song)
• Männer mit Bärten (Traditional German song)

And many, many more.

To hear a sample of our tunes please click on the audio button.