WOLGEMUT (an ancient German word for being "in a good mood") plays Historic World Music on original instruments. medieval bagpipes, lots of drums, flutes, fiddles and harps and voice. Wolgemut shows are full of fun and energy. It's early music with an attitude which leaves the audience Wolgemut!

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Saw you guys at the Renn Fest in Maryland and completely fell in love! You guys rock!
-Veronica Henning

Great shows Sunday my family and I saw all 5 of them.
-Roy Barrett

Awesome show yesterday! Got my second CD and got it signed. :)
-Kelly Gunther

you guys were awesome this weekend thank you for being so great
-Atreides Coridan

Saw all three shows at the MD Ren Fest. My wife and I can't get enough of this music.
-Jason Kranch

Excerpted From Skirmish Magazine Issue # 80 (June, 2010) – Skirmish Magazine

“Wolgemut,” an ancient Germanic word which simply means “to be in a good mood” – the name as well as the goal of this high-energy minstrel’s troupe.
The band, under the leadership of artistic director Michael Gartner, delivers a joyful, raucous show that makes early music fresh and exciting.
Wolgemut has appeared at music and historical festivals throughout the United States…The group has also performed at many venues in Europe including the Stockholm Music Festival, the Visby Medieval Week (Gotland, Sweden), the International Medieval Theatre Festival (Camarino, Italy), the Hansa Festival (Hamburg, Germany) and the Rencontres de Saint-Chartier (Saint-Chartier, France).
The one-of-a-kind instrument replicas include a variety of bagpipes – The German bagpie (Dudelsack), regional French bagpipes (cornamuse) and the Swedish bagpipes (säckspipa). Other instruments include a shawm with a wondcap (known in German as a rauschpfeife), a variety of percussion instruments such as the renaissance side drum, pitched bass drums and the big drum called a tupon. The softer side of Wolgemut features the harp, flutes, quiet bagpipe, hurdy gurdy and the medieval fiddle known as a vielle.
Gartner calls upon his extensive training in early music to develop the troupe’s shows, including graduate studies in musicology and performance at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Excerpted From Renaissance Magazine Issue # 74 (July, 2010) “From the Shoppe” Article – Renaissance Magazine

What do you call a group of men playing tunes that no one but an early music enthusiast might know, on instruments that are unrecognizable, dressed in outlandish costumes worn by German mercenaries in the 16th century?


And these guys prove that the 16th century rocked. Bagpipes, rauschpfeif and enormous drums add up to a sound that resembles modern rock-and-roll far more than sedate Renaissance measures.

Wolgemut is an ancient German word that means simply to be in a good mood. And to listen to Michael Gartner, artistic director of the band of musician/miscreants, it’s the band’s mission as well as its name.

“I call it ‘historically inspired entertainment,’” says Gartner. “It’s music that derives its energy and meaning from the past, but that builds on the universal human impulse to enjoy life.”

Wolgemut originated during Gartner’s 12-year sojourn in Germany and Sweden, touring throughout Europe with its unique forms of ancient music and informed by Gartner’s studies at the University of Leipzig. Impeccably trained in early music and ancient instruments, Gartner calls on an international troupe of performers to participate in Wolgemut’s performances.

Wolgemut has performed at Renaissance faires including Maryland, Sterling, Arizona, Tuxedo, Texas and Southern California. Wolgemut has also been a fixture at SCA events, notably Pennsic, Estrella and Gulf Wars, for many years.

“We’re able to bridge Renaissance Faires and SCA events, in part because of the authenticity of our music and its energy level,” notes Gartner, who is also known for sitting in with faire legends like Owain Phyfe. “It’s really all about the music, the experience and the pure pleasure of knowing that we make people happy.”

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WOLGEMUT! I saw you guys this year at the Highland festival! (Sterling Ren Fair) Last show of the day! and I was SO happy to have seen it! I love the energy you put out. Your music blows me away! I've since moved to? Washington State, Do you ever get out this far? I would really love an opportunity to see you again! Stay WOLGEMUT!

I was at the Sterling Renaissance Festival for? the third time this year, and always make a point to see a couple of your shows. You guys ROCK!!!

Hey Wolgemut
I saw yous guys at? RenFest. I have to say, it rocked, good to hear some quality music, definetly something to appreciate, keep on keeping on.

Awesome as always. I'm SO glad you guys are going to be at the Sterling, Ny Renn fair for the whole run this year! I only wish I? didn't have to work today so I could have gone today with my dad and sis. :( Can't wait!

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Saw you guys at the maryland renn fest again and you were AWSOME! looking forward to seeing you guys again next yr hopefully!
-Captain Longshanks

My mother and my friends both got a number of your Celestial Devices, and they LOVE your sound, often raving of you boys to various people, spreading the joy of Wolgemut like it was and audible VD!:-p Also, those two that I picked up from you were magnificent and have quickly found heavy rotation in my car stereo already!
-Joseph R Petrolawicz