Brooklyn, New York, USA

"This is such inspired electronic pop!!!!"
-Perez Hilton


Wolkoff is a Canadian artist living in Brooklyn, where she makes highly danceworthy, melody-oriented EDM & electronic pop music infused with a spectrum of influences including (but not limited to) ethnic dance, deep house, medieval instrumentation, N64 sound bites and 80's artpop spearheads.

"[Wolkoff] occupies the territory between electro-pop dance-ability and lyrical sincerity." 
-Interview Magazine

"A nimble kind of synth pop... that rushes straight into your heart, like giddy serotonin explosions that ricochet around your body during that first kiss."-Noisey 

"...clever lyrics, quirky spirit and warm, playful vocals..."-The Village Voice

"This is such inspired electronic pop!!!!"
-Perez Hilton

"A well crafted balance of melodies and colorful synth... Wolkoff's voice lend's a charm that will certainly appeal to anyone who hears it."-Nylon
"To hear Wolkoff tell it, this is electropop that takes itself seriously despite its conspicuous free spirit."
-Consequence of Sound


Curve Appeal

Written By: Joanie Wolkoff

Thee's a side to this that's savage
Like a trembling when you're on your own
All the welled up heat
The things you're going through
You're its creature too- I keep telling you

Nothing bout this love is average
Say what you will; we know it's true
When our wild light fills up all the silent surfaces
I can see right over
To the heart of you

Never lost sight when I took flight
Never did trap me when I ran

These chains are broken
You lay yourself down in the street for me
Door's always open
I will take you in; you're on my side- no need to hide

Stay lost together
We live and die by this and name it ours
More than a moment
When the sun goes down all I need is you to shoe the way
Show the way

Thought I saw you once in passing
Long before we tangled face to face
Now this thing has left its mark on us
Night and day
It shines, no, never sleeps
The time it keeps won't let us fade