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Whoever you are

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where have you come from ? where have you been ?
i been around the world man doing my thing
hello, whoever you are ?
it's nice to know that your never to far

i've been walking the line, doing my time
i hustle and grind, searching to find
my reasons of life, oh so many questions
i follow the light man and i learn from the lessons
walking these dirt tracks, looking for reason
walking these dirt tracks looking for reason
the paths are so similiar, dead ends are decieving
believing these lies damn watch em all thieving
i roll with the punches, i roll with the seasons
my art is my purpose, thes reason i'm breathing
i craft these words perfect, why deamers aredreaming
fiending for fame kan that aint in my grind frame
scheming to gain respect is my prime aim
find blame in the lies and outward attacks
coz jealousy man is the reason they rap
but they lack the impact to topple my blows
so amateurs relax and choke on my flows

i've been their i've done that
battle rap and ive done graff
addicted to diggin till i created a hunch back
been rappin for years now , who what and whers's how
stacking tracksa in the lab
till my earts started to bleed out
from the bass and the drum
the snare and the kick
thousandsa of beats, i excel at this shit
i was born to e one with the mic and the track
the pad and the pen in the boot i attack
or i can slow and flow with the best in the game
wheather funk, rawc, hiphop i shine3 the same
coz my skills go deep aqnd my story be told
i've seen the darkside of life, living out in the cold
i;ve fekt the pain and the grief, the anger, the strain
but i'll rise up smiling till thet remember the name
coz i put my life into this, to shine like the sun and thew stars
chasing the feeling as i shuffle my cards

Little piggies

Written By: .

you want proof you want wolf
dirty when i'm swtreet explode in the booth
or when im flipping it crazy, switching blades at a baby
which way will they tazze me but that shit doesnt faze me
hang me up on a cross for speaking my mind
sydney reppin with the illest of rhymes
i want the crumbs of the cake cause these haters will hate
only 10% of rappers should be given a taste
or played on a cd these rappers beneath me
using their cd as a plate or a frisbee
its graphic the way that i act
i attack at the throat, while they stab at the back
pack a stack of ill raps, to kill cats geronimo
line em up in a row and they topple like domino
low blows and cheap shots is all they can muster
i flip flows and rip shots harder then buster

one puff two puff three puff four.
these little piggies always want more
but not by the hairs of my chinnie chin chin
blow down your house with a blow of the wind.

ill huff and ill puff and ill blow your house down
live from the circus all im seeing is clowns
these muffets sat on there tuffets eating their bullshit all day
along came a spider and and frightened these muppets away.
ot's fraggle rock there's nothing but muppets
these industry jokers are nothing but muppets
these industry jokers are nothing but puppets
this big bad wolf eating these red riding hoods
you'll see meout stalking these woods
dr4aped in my hoody nikes on my feet
tunes in my ears as im waliing the beat
these streets are a jungle and im staking my claim
eating my way up to the top of the chain
aint in it for fame just doing my thang
with gutys and courage all in like cameran ling
so nod ya head to the track and crank it up loud
till the windows are shaking and your house topples down.

the music

Written By: .

Turn the music up i wann hear my favourite song
its the music its the music

were3 united through the sound of the music
its a gift a blessing however you use it
its yours its pleasure its pain its aint shame
it aint blame it aint fortune and fame
its the feeling the shiver down the3 spine
when someone else expresses how your feeling in life
it picks you up when your feeling down
it makes you smile it makes you proud
its confort in the darkest of days
wjen theres nothing but cloud and rain in the way
its in your ears when your on a train
it calms your fears, sings the blues away
its always there it never judges or doubts
its world wide north east west and south
its everything its freedom its escape
its the future the past and it is great

without music i doubt id survive
o probasbly would already would of taken my life
i aint proud of thinking that way
but life was hard back in the day
every day was a struggle every day was hell
every day was filled with pain every day i fell
i cried i pullled my hair out from stress
but music was the thing that pulled me out of the mess
it made me happy when i was feeling down
it gave me fire to swim not drown
it gave me hope it gave me meaning
it gave me ecape it gave me dreaming
so now i stand here happily alive
with everythigt its freedom its escape
its the future the past and it is great.


Written By: .

another day another day, here we go
feels like 15 feet of snow
when the boss is breathing fdown my neck
working so hard gthat i bust a sweat
then everythig goes wroing its piling up
the phone eont stop you see ive had enough
of the complaints the yelling your pushy ways
excuse me world ive got something to say

im not gonna let you ruin my day
daydream cmon take me away

i need a holiday
give me the beach and the warm sun rays
block out the world so far away
coz i need a holiday

its 5 to 5 nearly knock off time
but the boss is yelling andthe phone wont die
then you make a break yeah your finally free
walk out to chaos out on the street your car has got tickets and the traffics banked
red lights on the empty tank
a cop pulls you over coz your regos late
excuse me world ive got something to say.

hold of me

Written By: .

wake up, its just another day
another one comes and im on my way
right out the door i got the world awaiting ive gven my all so no doubt im taking i weave and bob stress and grind
i want his girl and shes on my mind
she amazes, she astounds me
i day dream i just want to see
her long hair swaying in the breaze
that amaxing smile in front of me
those tatoos on her arm and back
the way she giggles when i pull her strap
and itrs plai to see i ant dreaming kid
i wont her to be nancy and ill be syd
so remember this treat her right
i did it my way but she caught the light

hey you got me on my knees
hey you do just what you please

this girls gotta hold of me
and she does just what she please

now where together and i cant resist this
but i don't mind cause she close to me
like jd and pills so heavenly
dont take kindness for weakness coa i will bite back
i love her to death like a heart attack
our hearts are black coz we been abused
but from now on baby its me and you
so forget the past , destiny awaits
where off the rails skidding brakes
but its plain to see you where made for me
where two of a kind like the webs we weave
and its ecsrtacy like popping bicies
she's the queen, in the king of the city
and we paint it red cxoz the doors are black
were frontline baby when the war attacks.