Kleinrinderfeld, Bavaria, DEU

To put it into a nut shell: WolveSpirit plays rock. Good old fashioned and down to the bone, grinding rock. Loaded with heavy guitars, big drums, a bass that will let your pants flatter around your knees, and of course a swirling hammond organ, WolveSpirit most likely will take you on a trip back to the psychedelic 60s and the heavy rollin` 70s, if not into another dimension. But what tops the icing, are the raw, expressive and blues infused female vocals of the charismatic red haired singer rem


When the two brothers Oliver and Rio Eberlein met with Debbie for a jam session in their home town Wuerzburg in the summer of 2009, what happened seemed like magic. The tunes, Debby sang with her roaring rock n' roll voice, just matched perfectly with the heavy riffs and shining harmonies, produced by Rio's guitar and Oliver's hammond organ. The next step, to form a band was natural.

In the 60s and 70s many musicians lived together as a band in the same place. WolveSpirit does the same thing! The band lives in a house in the countryside of a small german village with artists, designers and other musicians formed together to a collective. In between this community the creative work flow takes place. Spontaneity plays a big role for WolveSpirit.

The band wrote ten songs for the album "Dreamcatcher". Ten songs that match like the ten commandments of the holy bible of Rock n´Roll! Nobody less than Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Hammerfall) mixed these songs and gave them their overwhelming sound.

Like the song "Blowin Up". A song that transcends the boundaries of normal perception. Or "Holy Smoke", a song that reveals to you the vision of your life. The ten songs of "Dreamcatcher" whisk you away into another world.

It is 2013 and the date is around the corner when this music, blessed by the gods of Rock n Roll, will be released…


2011 Spirit Metal (Sleaszy Rider Records)
2012 Blowin´UP EP
2013 Dreamcatcher (Spirit Stone Records)