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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
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"WolvieFest 1 a Homemade Rock Fest"

I have been playing with my band Wolvie in the Austin area for over a year now. We have faced the same challenges that all bands face in a music town. From working your way up from weekday to weekend gigs, to bands going long and taking up your set, issues with gear, and sound. You name it. I wanted to create a show that would be more of a party atmosphere and break down some of the music scene barriers and have bands of different genres, styles and ages on the same stage. I wanted to put together a show that had sound, lights and lineups paced the way we want them. I also wanted to feature bands that might be new and don’t get to play on Saturday nights all that often.

The final, and perhaps the most difficult, requirement is that the show be free. Our fans have come out and supported us (often financially) on every night of the week and while we appreciate the clubs that we’ve played in, a free show seemed a good way to give something back to the fans that have been so supportive of us.

So Wolviefest was born, a show by the people for the people in the true spirit of rock ‘n roll freedom. I set a date of July 30th, and set out to find a venue to host this event. Having played the J. Lorraine Ghost town before, it seemed like the perfect place. They serve beer and burgers in a relaxed atmosphere, and the ghost town setting is fun with everything from the town jail to the undertaker represented. They were more than happy to host the show and gave us a good deal for providing the entertainment.

Next was sound equipment, and of course a sound man. No sound no rock, simple math there. J. Eli Smith from Deadwood studios here in town agreed to help with equipment, and work the whole day for a good price.

With that done I went after finding bands. I really wanted bands that were true to their music and hungry to play. I really had to hustle to find acts that would get back to me, and that had all their members available during summer months. I posted everywhere I could think of, and the response was slow. I now know what some of our fine club owners go through in terms of booking and keeping track of their performers. It is no small task. Finally through twitter, facebook, and the good old telephone, I had all my bands. I got a great DJ, and a fire dancing troop to agree to come out and do their magic while we play. Wolviefest 1 has everything from country, to hard rock represented – with fire dancing to boot.

So now we are just weeks away from what I hope will be a annual event. A free rock show in the spirit of good fun, and love of music. Now the only question is…Now that it is built will they come? - Vivogig


Demon Man

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The Rock ‘N’ Roll Wolverine, a.k.a. Wolvie. Plating up the outward appearance of a coutured metal band with a spacepop sound, the Austin, Texas two-man outfit establishes one’s musical pallet with flanged, phased guitars peppered with distortion and mixed with a celebratory lyrical content of good old-fashion Rock ‘N’ Roll. The Wolvie isn’t all sunshine and lollipops, though, as the heavily echoed vocals bay and howl at the moon with fangs bared. Take a listen to their first album Demon Man, and get ready for their new release “Say Goodbye To Rock N Roll” which promises to blow minds upon release.