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wonderful life


Wonderful Life are an electronic duo who wish to share their love of music with everyone.They write music to listen to,to enjoy,to love,and for people to immediately relate to what is being said.


Wonderful Life are:

Matt Gallagher (Vocals)

Steve Ross (Synths)

Wonderful Life are essentially an electronic duo.

Their music has a strong electro rythm throughout their songs. Their lyrics are described as 'Bittersweet', but with the advantage that when you hear them you instantly recognise that this is inside everyones lives. They take you to past memories of love lost and gained. Wonderful life's lyrics are there to be heard, and they make you hear them.

Their music has been described as 'E|ectropop perfection' with an influence of Erasure and Pet Shop Boys, although darker in both music and lyrics. Their music will always lift you, always move you, it‘s simply too uplifting to ignore and the combination of music and lyrics should plant them deep into the memories of all who hear them.

Wonderful life have performed all over the UK, their approach to give their music to as wide an audience as possible is to their credit. They organise their own electronic music events, allowing their music to be enjoyed by people from every genre and every walk of life.

Wonderful life have also been on radio stations throughout the UK. They have been interviewed on several occasions on radio after the release of their debut EP which consists of 4 songs and a bonus track (remixed and produced by Wonderful life).

With new material being written and good initial reaction for their EP...Wonderful life are looking hopefully at the future...


wonderful life "EP"

A 5 single debut EP. Including a special remix of "with you in mind" produced by wonderful life.
The EP is available for download at www.wonderfullifemusic.co.uk our official website
Full listing
1.Why can't you be more like your sister?
2.How does it feel?
3.With you in mind
4.In the darkness
5.With you in mind ( Transient Mix )