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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Alternative Post-rock




"The Consciousness Of Internal Time And Space/WonderLand Album Review"

Why This band set a new standard for the music which caused me anxiety so much?
WonderLand is a young trio band, which member is in their mid twenties.
1st EP Welcome to Wonderland released two years ago was orthodox grunge for good and bad, but this character disappeared completely at the last year when I saw their show for the first time at Heaven’s Door, and then I was amazed by their extremely mad songs which included post-rock, doom, and psychedelic rock.
But now they even did away with that, and they created this new album in which condensed how WonderLand was remarkable.
This album recorded by themselves is the great work which includes 7 parts of a song in 26 minutes.
I wrote that, so you might think that their music was just post-rock influenced by MONO ,Mogwai and so on and they were the one of many band like that.
However, such idea may be moved.The arpeggio of the introduction is like a just post-rock sound,but it is just a trap to get a large amount of game.
The beautiful arpeggio gradually turned into dissonant sound, and after roar sound bursted, the clean sound of piano and guitar made my brain confused. The uncanny chord as signs showed from the beginning clearly appeared,and then the inorganic piano made me more anxious.
Drums and bass guitar playing tightly maintained the contour of a sound-scape, but melody eroded it. At the middle of the song, trumpet played in fanfare, but it puzzled me too much and I felt be in neither light nor dark like the dead of night about 3 a.m.When distorted guitar sound roared,I felt that I finally found the light on the street.
And the latter part of this song resolved dissonance.The guitar riffs influenced by math rock and grunge and more powerful beat constructed new entrance on the cul-de-sac.
After the former 17 min when I felt embarrassed, because I couldn’t judge which it completed perfectly or imperfectly and which it described positively or negatively passed, the latter 9 min was going by fast. The Beat got consistency and, it had the contrast between an explosion of distorted guitar playing dissonance and a clean guitar playing the most beautiful melody of this song.
While the former described confusing feeling, the latter did blessing by powerful riffs and beats trying to change the limit of what three persons could do.After the last sound gone,you would have a peace of mind.
This album is not too difficult and has many friendly parts, but you may feel uncomfortable and think it cannot be identified. If you haven’t listened to their past songs since before, you may think that this is not grunge and you may feel their sounds destroy post-rock-style.
It is not false but not true.It is nothing but that they spit out on all music style existing in the world and they choose to deny to copy and paste for styles other bands have.This album contains many ideas and sounds many bands imitating grunge couldn’t create. Moreover, uncomfortable this album has is the same as things those who have gone before us sung through grunge.This album has no words, but I think their sound fight against the violence called peer pressure.
Probably, you think that how strange this band playing uncanny songs calls themselves WonderLand, but this album is anthem for us to go to WonderLand which are still unseen.
I don’t know the world they would describe after that.
It is only true that the incredible great young band has come.

 WonderLandはメンバーがまだ20代半ばと若手な3ピースバンドだ。二年前にリリースされた1stEP「Welcome To Woderland」では良くも悪くも正統派グランジといった音楽性だったが、僕が初めてヘブンズで観た一年前はその面影は完全に消滅し、ポストロックやドゥームやサイケといった要素を盛り込んだ尖りまくった狂気を放出していてド肝を抜かれた。
そしてその先のWonderLandが描く世界は本当に想像が出来ない。とんでもない若手が現れたって事だけが事実だ。 - Guilty Forest

"What is alternative?"

WanderLand is young ,but this band got unique music style based on grunge and also they have good music skill.
Many listener should check them and go to their concert.

もっと多くのフリークスの間で情報が共有されるべき,オリジナリティも高いライブのクオリティも獲得している若手バンド - Guilty Forest

"shinjuku ANTIKNOCK presents 【ANTIKNOCK POWER PUSH! 30th前夜祭 BIRUSHANAH"魔境-MAKYO-"release party】"

Unwittingly, I lost my way and went deeply forest.There was wonderland. I couldn’t grasp WonderLand again, even though I had seen their gig at Heaven’s door Sangendyaya last year.
The beginning part of their music was post-rock like MONO,but their beautiful clean sound gradually changed into dissonant harmony, and I felt that my brain was looked into by them,as if they knew what I thought.
They mainly played guitar, bass guitar and drums, and they also played another musical instruments like keyboard and trumpet.This trio tried to change the limit of what three persons could do.
Although their music had roar parts, clean guitar sound performed the theater of the absurd.At the last part, they were surely grunge while they are playing sludge riffs dynamically.

I have conviction that WonderLand is going to investigate new grungy music uniquely. It may be because their music doesn’t have only many characteristic but also have dissonant clean sound.

昨年ヘブンズで衝撃的な出会いを果たしたWonderLandは配信でリリースされた最新作「The Consciousness Of Internal Time And Space」を通しで演奏するセット。
 でもラストのパートで歪んだリフを叩きつけていく様は正にグランジの一言であったし、WonderLandは独自のポストグランジを突き進んでいくんだと思った。それは多数の色彩を持ちながらも、歪んだ感触を持つクリーンな音が一番物語っていたのかもしれない。 - Guilty Forest

"精神奴隷解放運動 case4(2014年10月5日)@三軒茶屋HEAVEN'S DOOR"

WonderLand was the really great of all bands I had seen gigs these days, though I saw their gig for the first time.
At first they played two long instrumental songs which had noisy and psychedelic loud sound on the simplest beat and very beautiful melody in the dark mood.
Even though their melody was simple, they changed the world by a single tone which was the extremely loud, psychedelic and drone sound.
At the latter, they played two songs with vocal, they were completely mad. The extremely madness sound like dark guitar sound obscured by effects and repeating mad scream made me paralyzed with fright.
I realized that they were the greatest band of the young, because their ensemble of musical instruments and their sound was high quality.
Now in the world, there is no bands playing heavy, psychedelic and dark rock music like them.
I didn’t know the name of this band since I had seen this time,but their music really was psychedelic rock, and their show was traumatic for me.
After this show I asked them for their disks, and they said that they would start to record soon.
The great show!! I’m exited and looking forward to listening their new album and what this band will be!!
Also, I was surprised that there were many people at their show, even though the typhoon hit Tokyo that day.
This show was filled with new music and especially the show of the presenter,WonderLand is awesome. I really enjoyed meeting wonderful band I hadn’t known,and it was worth doing that I went there despite the bad wether.

台風真っ只中であるにも関わらず多くのお客さんがいたし、本気でどんだけマニアックな奴らなんだよって思ってしまったりもしたけど、この日のヘブンズには間違いなく新しいオルタナティブロックが渦巻いていたし、特に主催のWonderLandのライブはド肝を抜かれた。悪天候の中で足を運んだだけあったし、こうしてまた新たな素晴らしいバンドに出会えたのは心から嬉しく思う。 - Guilty Forest

"Introduction of performer on 30 Oct 2015"

WonderLand has a unique characteristic of powerful sound despite the absence of singing.
インストでも圧迫力のあるサウンドが特徴的な『WonderLand』 - Heaven's Door

"Introduction of performer on 1 Jun 2014"

WonderLand’s music is serious, heavy and new.
ヘヴィー系オルタナサウンドでシリアスな世界を展開する『WondarLand』 - Heaven's Door

"Introduction of performer on 9 May 2014"

WonderLand cover you with the clear sound based on Grunge.
グランジをベースにしながら透明感のある音で覆い尽くす『WonderLand』 - Heaven's Door

"Introduction of performer on 2 Feb 2014"

WonderLand is Post-rock based on Grunge.
グランジを根本とした上でポストロック等の要素も取り入れた『Wonder Land』 - Heaven's Door

"Welcome to Wonderland review"

This band must be enfant terrible.
This band has both the first intension and innovation and their music are unusual.

Their sound is like grungy and shoegazing, but if you are careless,you would be dead by powerful distorted guitar sound and screaming.



末恐ろしいバンドであることは間違いない。 - Antiknock (November 2013 Schedule)


Welcome to Wonderland (2013)
The Consciousness Of Internal Time And Space(2015)



"Why This band set a new standard for the music which caused me anxiety so much?"

"This trio try to change the limit of what three persons can do."

"I was amazed by their extremely mad songs which included post-rock, doom, and psychedelic rock."

"I have conviction that WonderLand is going to investigate new grungy music uniquely."

Guilty Forest

WonderLand is Kohei Wada (composor, playing guitar and keyboard ), Shuto Ogawa (playing drums and trumpet) and Kaoru Kaneko (playing bass guitar)

WonderLand was formed at Tokyo on September 2012, including Kohei Wada, Shuto Ogawa and former bass player. They started to write songs and they played the gig for the first time on 9 Dec 2012.

 In 2013 they performed 33gigs.The former bass player was fired on Aug 2013, and Daiki Ishimura took part in WonderLand at the same time. They released the 1st EP Welcome to Wonderland on Sep 2013. 

 In 2014 they started to play more gigs and to create more songs. In 2014 they performed 45 gigs.In the winter of 2014 they started to record the new album by themselves and they decided not to play the show till they finish to record. 

 In 2015 they played many sessions at music rehearsal studio for 8 months, finally they finished to record, and then they started to play a gig on 23 Jul 2015.

The 2nd EP The Consciousness Of Internal Time And Space is released on iTunes Store on Sep 19 2015. This album is conceptual art about what they think about internal time and space. They did recording, mixing and mastering by themselves.

In 2015 they performed 11 gigs.

In 2016 they toured in Japan including Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto,Nagoya and Shizuoka on February.

In 2016 they performed 20 gigs, they have 4 more shows


“We want to express many things. For example, it is not only many beautiful sights in the world which impressed us, but also many mental conflicts we underwent, time we have inside our mind and space we describe inside our mind. We also want to express music based on Japanese musical method.

 We think time on music is the most important thing of music. We think it is important that time on playing music is different from usual time. For example, in the real world the same time has never come again, but in music as many songs have something repeated, so we can repeat the same time.   Moreover, it’s more deeply inside our mind and it is multidimensional. Yes, we talk about internal time. What is internal time? We basically agree with On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time written by Edmund Husserl. Every time he talked about internal time, he gave a character of music as an example.

 Besides, we think Japanese ancient court music called Gagaku and Noh which is traditional masked dance-drama have a unique characteristic of music in the world. To put in simply, it is interval among tones. We want to express it. We also agree on Toru Takemitsu. He wrote many times about what Japanese style music is, how Japanese people grasp music, and how Japanese people grasp sound like noise which foreign people said."

Band Members