The Wonderland Robbers

The Wonderland Robbers

 New York City, New York, USA

Music and lyrics to break your heart. Or mend it.


Songs written by the Wonderland Robbers are easily recognizable as such. Each song sings a story. The combo of the melody and the lyric entraps its listener into a storybook world. Nick and Jade’s self-titled debut EP showcases their music in a different mood, adding funky motown beats and face-melting guitar solos. Recorded in their hometown of Memphis with legendary local musicians Niko Lyras, Steve Cobb and Steve Potts, the album was mostly an experience of creative growth. When asked about the process, Nick replied, “We are so proud of the album we recorded, and we could not have asked for better musicians to collaborate with. Since we only started writing music a year prior to recording, we really learned a lot about ourselves as artists throughout (and after) the recording process.” Jade adds, “Between recording that album and the material we're currently working on, we’ve realized that our music is better expressed raw than cooked.”

The debut EP is available through their official website ( and their bandcamp site (

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EP - The Wonderland Robbers

Christmas With Me
Sound & Fury
Darkest Night

LIVE at the Metropolitan Room

Set List

Typically an hour-long set. Our set is like a story. We've got a kickin' intro, gradually creating and setting up the arc and the resolution. "On My Darkest Night" is usually our finale.