Three Ithaca musicians who've taken diverse musical paths. All original work that is best described as art pop rock w/elements of jazz. We've been described most frequently as a fusion of Steely Dan and Dire Straights (we call this SDDS) and most interestingly as Pink Floyd on speed. hmmm...?!


WonderMonday has been playing the Ithacal, NY scene for more than five years now.

"WonderMonday brings together elements of Dire Straight and Steeley Dan but offer their own thing too"
Jim Cattalano, Ithaca Journal

We perform an art pop rock set with elements of jazz.

"...Great sound. Cool harmonies..."
Mara Kim, Bad Vilbel (Frankfurt)

The trio has collaborated with a number of Ithaca artists; Atomic Forces, Johnny Dowd, Actual Facts, Charlie Shew, TheMoles, etc.. We consider ourselves a sort of musician's band.

"damn good groove, very tight... a little bit of that Dire Straits, beautifully sweet guitar sound..."
Ello Good, AcidPlanet.com

We perform all original tunes with an emphasis on texture and progressions that push the envelope.

Art Rock = willingness to use remote chords and, at times, abstract lyrics

Pop = Typical song is 3:40

Jazz = some improvisation with handmade arrangements.


EP, ThirtyeightSixteen (www.myspace.com/wondermonday)

Airplay: WVBR, WICB, Ithaca's Accoustic Happy Hour (cable access), ReverbNation

Set List

We perform anywhere from 12 - 16 songs. No covers to date.