Wonko The Sane

Wonko The Sane


Hailing from Newcastle , wonko the sane provides a blend of indie vibe and acoustic material that plays homage to great sounds from the past , regularly showing the potential to keep people coming back again and again.


Wonko The Sane , a character in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy lives in coastal California with his wife, Arcane Jill Watson, in a house called The Outside of the Asylum (which features interior features on its outside and exterior on its inside). When Wonko saw instructions on how to use a toothpick on a packet of toothpicks he became convinced that the world had gone crazy and so built the house as an asylum for it. Wonko The Sane was re-invented as a musical concept in 2005 which caused great unctions amongst the many small creatures and insects which frequent my studio - undeterred , Wonko The Sane battles on for a slice of the pie.


Dream Debut (self released)

1. Lost My soul in a Telegraph Pole
2. Duchess of the suchness
3. SubDude

Wonktastico (self released -in production)

1. You
2. Silence in Your Eyes
3. Choose the shoes
4. Standing stones / other song.

Set List

At the moment i am intending to do a handfull of songs clocking in at about 20 mins.