Wonky Tonk

Wonky Tonk

 Covington, Kentucky, USA

" [Wonky Tonk] comes at you with the directness of Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson while still being fresh like Nikki Lane." - The Fire Note

"This Kentucky Troubadour is guaranteed to steal your heart. Wonky Tonk finds herself in the “Indie-Country” category with this album; she’s the kind of country-star that hipsters wouldn’t be embarrassed to say they like, while still keeping deep rooted country fans happy. " - ELMORE Magazine


The Wonk .

With a closet full of boots, a heart full of wander and a soul full of songs, the charming and multi-talented Kentucky “Wonky Tonk” woman releases her debut album Stuff We Leave Behind in hopes of continuing her Wonky ways with a lighter heart in lieu of finding the Neverland in all of us.

Jasmine Lorraine “Wonky Tonk” Poole grew up in the hard scrabble portion of the American heartland. Kentucky, to be precise. Her world of loss and longing is familiar terrain for lovers of country, bluegrass and folk music but, just as Kentucky can be viewed as a bridge between north and south, Wonk’s music blends elements of Indie/Alternative rock with old school country. It’s hard to separate the wonk from the tonk. Nor should you try.

Wonk’s influences, John Prine, Guy Clark, Modest Mouse and Loretta Lynn among them (especially Loretta), are apparent but her music is not derivative. Loretta, Skeeter Davis, Iris Dement and Jenny Lewis come to mind but none of her comparables quite pin her down. Wonk is her own cowgirl.  “Cowgirls get up in the morning, decide what to do and do it”, she was told as a child. Fiercely independent but naturally shy Jasmine uses her alter ego and blue cowgirl boots to deal with the notion of impossibly cruel but equally exhilarating existence.

One byproduct of youthful innocence is a constant disappointing, bewildering surprise:

You used to call me baby

You used to call me darlin’
Now you don’t call me at all

Another is vulnerability and manipulability:

In the greasy ballroom
You whispered in my ear
Darlin’ life is a gamble, romance a drug
The whole world is dancin'
Won’t you give in and love

Her eleven song debut release Stuff We Leave Behind deals with the necessity of moving on at  critical points in your life. Stuff that once seemed important must be cast aside, ex-lovers relegated to the shadows. “Heartbreak makes the jukebox play”, she was once told. Her song titles reflect her wandering spirit and a fascination with time and place. “Cleveland." “Denmark." “Tennessee." “Montague Road." A veteran troubadour at such a tender age, Wonk has toured Europe with the same restless drive as her native Northern Kentucky.

Tom Robbins told us that even Cowgirls Get the Blues but all is not remorse and regret. Jangly sunshine pops through the clouds unexpectedly, such as in “Parkland Avenue” (arguably the best track). Though softly. Without the glare.

Wonk’s lyrics are worth a read even without the music. The album tracks her evolution as an artist and a person. The gravel, rutted road to an emerging wisdom. A road that has led her to share the stage with Joe Fletcher, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The David Mayfield Parade, Guy Clark, Hayes Carll, Sunset Rubdown, Southern Culture on the Skids, Langhorne Slim, Channy and Quinn, The July Talk and a myriad more of her musical heroes and heroins.

2008 was a big rookie year for Wonky Tonk, having gained attention at the 2008 Midpoint Music Festival and 2008 Brink Music Festival, the band was nominated for CityBeat's Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best New Artist. The band's debut lo-fi album "Get on the Train" was also recognized by CityBeat as one of the best recordings of the year. Following the big to-do of 2008 were a few heart breaks and finally a bold move to Denmark where she studied business and boxing with the Danes while also touring Europe. She then returned home to Kentucky and the craft she put on hold; 7 years and 5 sound engineers later, Wonky Tonk finally gave life to a real-true musical sentiment of letting go. For now that she has "left the stuff behind," she is finally ready to pick up where she left off after her bodacious beginning in 2008 - with a fervor to boot.

 Pay attention to Wonk. Not just because she is talented and beautiful. Pay attention because she has an important purpose. To help you remember. To help you forget. Or to help you remember why you chose to forget.


Fish Oil

Written By: Wonky Tonk

Well I get up in the morning and I pour myself a glass of orange juice
I read the back of the carton and find out a little bit about Tropicana's heart healthy truth

fish oil and fish gelatin!

So you know, I've already drank half the glass and it's been a bad morning so I guess I will just

Drink up! Drink down! Drink up!

I go to the supermarket and I get myself an organic green tea
I read the back of the label and find out that high fructose corn syrup is affecting my braaaaaain

so sweetly
so discretely
and I think, even in green tea?!

Well you know, I've been sitting in the parking lot for a while and I'm pretty thirsty, maybe I will recycle the glass as a vase for some pretty flowers some day so I'll just

Drink up! Drink down! Drink Up!

Yea some kids drink milk that's chocolate, others drink uh strawberry..Sarah Palin says "It's a good source of calcium" but that red it don't come from no strawberry!


Drink up! Drink down! Drink Up!


Get on the Train.
Full Length; 12 Song Album
Release date: 10/31/08
Available on: Itunes, Rhapsody,
LaLa, Napster, Amazon

Super Holy Fantastic EP
Release Date: January 24, 2009.
Available on: Itunes, Rhapsody,
LaLa, Napster, Amazon

Stuff We Leave Behind
Release Date: November 16th, 2015

Available on: Itunes, Rhapsody,
LaLa, Napster, Amazon, www.wonkytonkmusic.com

Set List

The Wonky Tonk set is ever-evolving but usually runs about 45 minutes in length, 99% original material and 1% covers of Leonard Cohen, Cash, Young and Prine...Sometimes the repertoire consists of a few terrible corny jokes and rounds out with a rip raging ho-down Kentucky style!

Original Songs Include:

One For The Juke

Parkland Avenue

Washington Avenue



Bombay Buffet



Ninjas of Camelot
BBS (Bugs Bunny Smoothie)
Citric Truth
Wagon Wheel
Bombay Buffet
Radio Down
Ride with me
Construction of Deconstruction
Nympho Scholars
Cool (2)
Fish Oil