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"Track Of The Day – Wons Phreely – The World Has A Bank Account"

Today we have a track from Perth singer/songwriter Wons Phreely who appears to have found salvation through music after being given his first guitar whilst in juvenile detention. Maybe that explains to a degree, why his songs have the potential to fill the vacant indie poet laureate void, rooted as they are in social realism but with a wry wit replete with the kind of joyful melodies that make you think you can take on the whole damn world. There’s a hint of Springsteen meets Jamie T at a Beck gig running through ‘The Word Has A Bank Account’ which is a song based on Phreely’s encounter with a girl at a Patrick Wolf concert, whose ambition is to settle down with a rich guy and use his money to save the world.

It also proves Mr Phreely is Wons to watch! - http://www.thevpme.com


2013 – Debut Full length LP is almost ready for mastering, please contact if you would like a private link to stream the album.

2012 – UK Single – The World Has A Bank Account
- as heard on BBC6 in Oct - Dec 2012 by DJs including Steve Lamacq.
- TheVPME.com Track of the Day - -www.tinyurl.com/a9fk8nm

2011 - EP – T O N I G H T
- http://www.weallwantsomeone.org/2011/01/28/keep-an-eye-on-wons-phreely/

2009 – The Rules Of Nature
- http://www.last.fm/music/Wons+Phreely/The+Rules+of+Nature+EP+%28MP3-128%29
- “That same feeling of boundless possibilities... Hopefully it won’t be a work of fiction to predict he meets a Gotye level of success in the coming months” -Single of the Week -:EP REVIEW – RAVE MAGAZINE



Wons Phreely is an artist who is difficult to pin down. For some, that’s an unwelcome fact; for others his unpredictability is as welcoming as a kettle on the boil and a stoked fire after a hard day’s graft.
Wons Phreely’s story begins in small town Australia, where he fought his way through a disenchanted youth; coy on the specifics of his mischievous escapades, he admits it was by stealing a record by The Clash that revealed to him his true passion in life – music. He then picked up a guitar and strode out into a traveller’s existence that he still lives to this day. Splitting his time between the Californian sunshine in L.A., and the smoky hustle and bustle of London, Wons Phreely is not afraid to up sticks and move on. If someone tells him there’s a gig waiting on the other side of the ocean, he’ll hop on the next boat.
Jumbled around in his travelling bag you’ll find records from an ad-hoc selection of musicians; Morrissey, Joe Strummer, Elvis Presley, Billy Bragg, Buddy Holly… all distinct artists from contrasting musical eras and fashions, brought together by a burning individuality and trailblazing originality that Wons respects dearly.
His influences resonate in his own music like dark matter – you can’t see it but you know it’s there. If he could stick to one musical style for long enough, you might be able to hear a trace of The Smiths or The Clash in there, but his fantastic appetite for cross-genre volatility snuffs all possible comparisons out before you can even say the words “He sounds like…”
Wons’ incessant travelling makes it tough for him to find a backing band who will follow him around to all the motorway services and live gigs that he finds himself playing, so the innovative Aussie uses a set of loop pedals and a harmonica to re-create his infectious studio sound while on the road.
Though now, getting a permanent band together is in the works, which will help Wons to cement his energetic live sound. At present Wons notes that his shows “Are always different… with the loop pedals, I make it up on the spot”. And if one thing’s for certain, no matter how many members Wons Phreely recruits to beef up his sound, the endearing enigmatic element of both his persona and music will always remain. (by Ian Horrocks – www.turnon-tunein.com/showcase/wons-phreely)